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  • 2010 Yamaha YZ450F | 4-Stroke Legacy

    2010 Yamaha YZ450F | 4-Stroke Legacy

    Yamaha 4-Stroke History

    With the introduction of the four-stroke YZM400F factory prototype in 1997 Yamaha changed off-road motorcycle sport as few other manufacturers have ever achieved before. The YZM400F brought four-stroke power and traction with an agile two-stroke type of chassis to the race track, a concept that in the end proved to be more competitive then the commonly used two-stroke machines of that era.

  • 2010 Roehr 1250sc | American Superbike Review

    2010 Roehr 1250sc | American Superbike Review

    Supercharged American Motorcycle

    American sport bike enthusiasts’ affinities often run Italian and Japanese. From an American perspective, Buell has also entered the mix and continues to gain momentum with the Helicon-powered 1125R, as well as the air-cooled Harley-Davidson powered variants. But, many demand a more exotic and exclusive American superbike… that "Bimota" of America. Now, after significant development, the American Roehr 1250sc has finally pasted EPA approval and is ready for delivery.