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  • Jim Pomeroy | Motocross Legend

    Jim Pomeroy | Motocross Legend

    Motocross History

    At the Spanish Grand Prix in 1973-the opening round of the 250cc Motocross World Championship-the racing community was introduced to Washington-born Jim Pomeroy. Virtually unknown in the Grand Prix ranks, Pomery, riding a Bultaco, won the opening moto.

  • David Bailey | Motocross Legend

    David Bailey | Motocross Legend

    Motocross History

    During the first practice of the 1985 AMA Motocross National in Las Vegas I witnessed something-along with twelve other mechanics-that signaled motocross was on the verge of change. David Bailey, riding the open class Factory Honda, railed the berm leading to a complicated section of five jumps.

  • Bob Hannah | Motocross Legend

    Bob Hannah | Motocross Legend

    Motocross History

    When it comes to motocross of the 70s and 80s, one name tends to consistently rise to the top. Bob Hannah. The "Hurricane," as he came to be known, blew onto the national scene in 1976 in dramatic fashion.

  • Kent Howerton | Motocross Legend

    Kent Howerton | Motocross Legend

    Motocross History

    Kent Howerton enjoyed one of the longest and most diverse racing careers in motocross. Nicknamed the "Rhinestone Cowboy" (after the Glenn Campbell country crossover hit song) Texas-based Howerton was a motocross mainstay of the 70s and 80s, winning three AMA National Championships, two Trans-USA titles, and two 250cc USGPs.

  • Brad Lackey | Motocross Legend

    Brad Lackey | Motocross Legend

    Motocross History

    Originally titled "Bad Boys of Motocross", this series of Motocross Chronicle stories merely pays homage to the pioneers of motocross who paved the way for future generations with do-or-die displays of motorcycle riding prowess.