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  • 2010 MotoCzysz | Electric Race Motorcycle

    2010 MotoCzysz | Electric Race Motorcycle

    The Future of Motorcycling is Now

    The charismatic Michael Czysz, creator of the gorgeous MotoCzysz C1 American MotoGP motorcycle contender regrettably never realized his dream of competing at the highest level of motorcycle racing.

    However the C1’s legacy is some 20 or so motorcycle patents that came from both the radical rolling chassis and the ground-breaking engine, effectively turning Moto Czysz into an intellectual property rights company.

  • MotoCzysz C1 | Review

    MotoCzysz C1 | Review

    Michael Czysz Prototype

    Several years ago, the motorcycling ether was finely misted with intriguing rumors of a man in Oregon embarking on the daunting task of creating a new American motorcycle. Industry press and curious enthusiasts ruminated on what the machine might be.

  • MotoCzysz C1 | Unveiled

    MotoCzysz C1 | Unveiled

    MotoCzysz C1 

    At the Robb Report MotorCycling Concours d’ Elegance, held at the Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey, California during the Red Bull US Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Michael Czysz unveiled his 2007 MotoCzysz C1 race bike. The wonderful look of the motorcycle draw the attention of the crowd

  • 2005 MotoCzysz C1 | Prototype Racer

    2005 MotoCzysz C1 | Prototype Racer

    MotoCzysz C1 Review

    We all fantasize about creating the ultimate bike, one that combines the improbable ideas we dream up during commutes, long flights, or while lying on a beach. For most of us these chimeras remain unrealized, but occasionally someone surfaces with the drive, determination, and—above all—the resources to build a dreambike.