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  • Vintage MX: 1974 Bultaco Pursang

    Vintage MX: 1974 Bultaco Pursang

    Vintage MX Motorcycles

    In 1973 Bultaco rider Jim Pomeroy shocked the racing world when he became the first American to win a Motocross Grand Prix. It was the Spanish GP, and to cap off the moto win, Pomeroy famously wheelied across the finish line and flashed the peace sign.

  • Jim Pomeroy | Motocross Legend

    Jim Pomeroy | Motocross Legend

    Motocross History

    At the Spanish Grand Prix in 1973-the opening round of the 250cc Motocross World Championship-the racing community was introduced to Washington-born Jim Pomeroy. Virtually unknown in the Grand Prix ranks, Pomery, riding a Bultaco, won the opening moto.