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  • 1956 BSA DB 34 Gold Star | Motorcycle Review

    1956 BSA DB 34 Gold Star | Motorcycle Review

    Racing Legend Jody Nicholas Rides

    "Rhythm is a form cut into time," wrote the iconoclast and poet Ezra Pound. Is there a phrase that better describes the experience of motorcycling? And are there finer ways to experience motorcycling than astride a British classic bike? This question would provoke a passionate debate no less voluminous than the exhaust note of these beloved machines. This kind of intensity and passion fuels the mission of Herb Harris: to consecrate a beloved companion-his 1956 BSA DB 34 Gold Star.

  • Harris Vincent Gallery | Museum

    Harris Vincent Gallery | Museum

    Vincent HRD Black Lightning

    The conventional excuse for fobbing off the Vincent connoisseur on your gift list—”The last real Vincent was built in 1955”—are obviated by the Harris Vincent Gallery. Company principal Herb Harris offers what he calls pur sang Vincents.

  • Street Lightnings | Harris Vincent Gallery

    Street Lightnings | Harris Vincent Gallery

    The Harris Vincent Gallery has announced its plan to produce five more Street Lightnings, each in tribute to one of the great racing Vincents of the past—fast, loud bikes, each with its own story to tell.

    Herb Harris undertakes extremely expensive reconditioning before he will consider using reproduction parts, and maintains each bike’s integrity by including an actual piece of the original.