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  • BMW: Feb. Motorcycles Sales Up 22.5%

    BMW: Feb. Motorcycles Sales Up 22.5%

    2011 Motorcycle Sales

    In January, BMW reported a 23.6 percent growth in year-on-year motorcycle sales, a very respectable number in a challenging economy.

    And this growing trend continues, as the German motorcycle manufacturer reported a 22.5-percent increase in year-on-year sales for the month of February.

  • BMW Motorcycles: Jan. Sales Spike 23.6%

    BMW Motorcycles: Jan. Sales Spike 23.6%

    2011 Motorcycle Sales

    In 2010, BMW had a successful year of worldwide motorcycle sales, with a growth of 12.3 percent in an extremely challenging market.

    This ascending trend continued for the first month of 2011, as BMW Motorrad had an increase in year-on-year sales of 23.6 percent in January.

  • Touratech’s high-end BMW R1200GS Tankbag

    Touratech’s high-end BMW R1200GS Tankbag

    BMW Tankbag

    This new BMW R1200GS Tankbag from Touratech is optimally formed to fit the unique slope of the tank of both the standard GS and GS Adventure. The tankbag will not shift from side to side like other bags. All Touratech motorcycle bags are hand-made in the black forest region of Germany by Kahedo.

  • BMW Rallye 2 Pro | Adventure Gear

    BMW Rallye 2 Pro | Adventure Gear

    BMW Adventure Apparel

    Having virtually invented the Adventure category of motorcycling with their formidable GS, BMW has branded their adventure spirit with the distinctive and functional Rallye 2 Pro Suit, the successor to the Rallye 2 Suit, which has become the quintessential GS motorcycle rider’s trademark.

  • BMW R 1200 GS Adventure | Review

    BMW R 1200 GS Adventure | Review

    BMW R 1200 GS Review

    As a motorcycle journalist I am in the enviable position of being able to ride the entire range of offerings from virtually all the manufacturers. So it is with some perspective that I say; the BMW R 1200 GS is my favorite all-around motorcycle. That wasn’t always the case. Not all that long ago that I didn’t quite get the BMW GS motorcycles.

  • 2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure | Preview

    2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure | Preview

    Another BMW GS Adventure

    The BMW G 1200 GS "Adventure" looks as if it invented the term – and it certainly has defined it in the motorcycle world. This is partly due to the range of features which have become almost as legendary as the bike itself. On this machine you can handle potholes with 20 mm more clearance than on the BMW R 1200 GS. Add to that excellent ergonomics, optimum gearing for every terrain, and a chassis which – whether fully loaded or not – will allow you to thrill your passenger as well as surprise anyone ahead of you.

  • 2010 BMW R 1200 GS | Preview

    2010 BMW R 1200 GS | Preview

    2010 R 1200 GS Preview

    With the introduction of the new 2010 BMW R 1200 GS, BMW Motorrad is writing yet another chapter in the story of its highly successful GS models which, for almost three decades, have been the epitome of the large-capacity grand touring enduro.

  • CruzTools announces BMW RoadTech B1 Tool Kit

    CruzTools announces BMW RoadTech B1 Tool Kit

    BMW historically provided capable tool kits with their bikes, but has virtually eliminated them from recent models. At the same time, the legendary German bikemaker has increased their use of exotic fasteners, such as rare male Torx bolts and requirement for special axle wrenches. CruzTOOLS has addressed these needs with the new RoadTech B1, which provides tools for all BMW models including the popular GS family.

  • 2007 BMW HP2 | Motorcycle Test

    2007 BMW HP2 | Motorcycle Test

    BMW continues to astonish the motorcycling community by pulling ever more impressive rabbits out of its engineering hat. The latest creation from the Munich-based company, and relatively hot on the heels—in engineering and marketing terms—of the revolutionary K bike, is the all new HP2. Designed with the latest off-road technology and engineering, the HP2 (High Performance 2-cylinder) is a serious enduro machine which, as with the introduction of their GS bike some years ago, has BMW setting the bar in a whole new category of motorcycling.

  • South Africa | Motorcycle Adventure

    South Africa | Motorcycle Adventure

    Canadian Thomas Bain was a prolific road builder. In the waning years of the 19th century he designed and constructed an extensive labyrinth of dirt roads opening South Africa’s vast interior to the primary mode of transport of the day—the ox wagon. Among the 24 significant routes he created, there is one that stands as his magnum opus. That road was destined to become one of his last, most assuredly the longest, and arguably the most famous.