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  • 2010 Aprilia RSV4 Factory | Superbike Review

    2010 Aprilia RSV4 Factory | Superbike Review

    2010 RSV4 Factory

    When I picked up the 2010 Aprilia RSV4 Factory motorcycle, my jaw literally dropped. Now, I’ve seen and ridden more than my share of high-end sport bikes from exotic sources, but the Aprilia RSV4 may top them all in breathtaking appearance. From the radial Brembos at the front to the twin-horn rear tail section, the 2010 RSV4 bristles with trick bits and provocative styling.

  • 2007 Victory Vegas 8-Ball | Motorcycle Review

    2007 Victory Vegas 8-Ball | Motorcycle Review

    American V-Twin

    Think of Victory Motorcycles and lean, flashy cruisers immediately leap to mind. The “other” American motorcycle company has been diligently carving out its identity since 1997 by providing forward-looking alternatives to the perceived stodginess of its Milwaukee-bred competition. Bold graphics, gleaming chrome flanks and the towering silhouettes of Arlen and Cory Ness lending the company line a bit of their bold custom DNA have become hallmarks of the Victory brand.

  • 2007 BMW HP2 | Motorcycle Test

    2007 BMW HP2 | Motorcycle Test

    BMW continues to astonish the motorcycling community by pulling ever more impressive rabbits out of its engineering hat. The latest creation from the Munich-based company, and relatively hot on the heels—in engineering and marketing terms—of the revolutionary K bike, is the all new HP2. Designed with the latest off-road technology and engineering, the HP2 (High Performance 2-cylinder) is a serious enduro machine which, as with the introduction of their GS bike some years ago, has BMW setting the bar in a whole new category of motorcycling.