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  • 2010 Dakar day one in Argentina

    2010 Dakar day one in Argentina

    2010 Dakar Begins

    After a starting ceremony attended by more than 300,000 people in Buenos Aires, the competitors in the Dakar left Buenos Aires and headed to the first bivouac. This is where the first special stage will start tomorrow morning.

  • 151 motorcycles to start 2010 Dakar

    151 motorcycles to start 2010 Dakar

    The technical and administrative scrutineering will be completed by the end of the afternoon for the drivers, riders and teams in the Dakar. Before hitting the trail, the contenders now have some time to enjoy their New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires before mingling with the crowds on the occasion of the start podium ceremony that will be held tomorrow afternoon. Overall 362 vehicles including 151 motorcycles and 25 quads will start the rally.

  • 2010 Dakar Motorcycles | Argentina-Chile

    2010 Dakar Motorcycles | Argentina-Chile

    Dakar Starts January 1st

    The 2010 Dakar race is welcomed for the second consecutive year by Argentina and by Chile. The two countries have decided to start the year of the festivities of the bicentennial of their independence with the Dakar that will precisely take off from Buenos Aires on January 1st, 2010 for the incredible 8600 kilometers (5,344 miles) journey.

  • 2010 Dakar Arrives | Lima Argentina

    2010 Dakar Arrives | Lima Argentina

    2010 Dakar Landing

    The massive 2010 Argentina-Chile Dakar caravan aboard the Grande Brazile has arrived at the Delta Dock complex at Lima, Argentina. In all 550 vehicles (a majority are motorcycles), for the most part entered in the rally, others to be used by the organizers and media, were unloaded this morning. They are now ready to take on the 32nd edition of the rally that will be run from January 1st through January 17th.