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  • Can-Am Spyder radio shows

    Can-Am Spyder radio shows

    On the Motorcycle Radio Network this week, we get Scott Walker from BRP to give the turkey-laden Blockhead boys the info on the brand new Can-Am Spyder RT.

    Bill is breathing a little easier now that Todd B has emerged from the coma caused by eating too much turkey and pie. After seeing TB single-handedly demolish a Thanksgiving feast, our Arizona-based host now thinks moderation is the 6 Double Double cheeseburgers (Animal Style, of course) TB gets each time he goes to In-N-Out Burger.

  • 2009 BRP Can-Am Spyder owners event a success (photos)

    2009 BRP Can-Am Spyder owners event a success (photos)

    This past weekend, BRP Can-Am Spyder roadster owners from all over North America rode to Los Angeles for the Ryde to the Red Carpet event. This year’s annual owner’s event – the second for Spyder – was in celebration of the Spyder roadster role in this summer’s blockbuster hit, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Hollywood didn’t know what hit them, as 220 Spyder roadsters and 410 Spyder owners were parading around the Los Angeles and Hollywood streets for three straight days.

    Most of the owners stayed at the host hotel, the Sheraton Universal.