World’s first purpose-built fuel cell motorcycle

Fuel cell motorcycle by Suzuki

Purpose-Built Fuel Cell Motorcycle Revealed

Intelligent Energy, a British concern specializing in energy solutions, has unveiled the world’s first purpose-built fuel cell motorbike. The hydrogen-powered Emissions Neutral Vehicle (ENV) goes “green” with pollution-free exhaust—it emits only water vapors.

The CORE—a detachable fuel cell generator at the heart of the ENV—provides 1-kW of power on demand; a hybridized battery pack boosts the bike’s total available power to 6-kW for accelerating, climbing or passing. The 176-pound ENV can reach a top speed of 50 mph, and the near-silent motorcycle can go 100 miles before refueling.

Right now, this range will keep you close to home, but expect the number of hydrogen fueling stations to multiply significantly in coming years as current legislation begins to take effect. When it hits motorcycle showrooms in 2006, the ENV should retail for around $6,000.



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