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  • 2010 Aprilia Mana GT 850 | Preview

    2010 Aprilia Mana GT 850 | Preview

    2010 Mana GT Preview

    The 2010 Aprilia Mana GT 850 is a completely new motorcycling concept with a Sportgear sequential / automatic transmission, radial brake calipers, helmet compartment and upside down forks. The Aprilia Mana combines the potential of the motorcycle with an unmatched functional nature and flexibility of use. A unique bike in the motorcycling world with a potentially endless number of variations: this is the Aprilia Mana GT 850, the version that extends the proverbial versatility of the 850 cc produced by Piaggio even further.

  • 2010 Aprilia Mana GT 850 | Motorcycle Preview

    2010 Aprilia Mana GT 850 | Motorcycle Preview

    Innovative Transmission

    The half-fairing makes the GT version even more unique and lets you get the very best out of the V2 850-engine performance with Sportgear transmission. A two-cylinder engine that with its 76 HP and exceptionally flat torque curve gives excellent performance already at low revs, in acceleration, pick-up and at speed, and is the perfect match for the touring soul of the Mana 850 GT and the motorcyclist’s need for responsiveness.