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  • Post-Surgery Motorcycle-Less Syndrome

    Post-Surgery Motorcycle-Less Syndrome

    Lieback’s Corner (#11) / 8.1.2011

    Throughout my 31 years, only two incidents prevented me from piloting a motorcycle for extended periods of time – a rod in the femur (car accident, ‘94) and some ripped and torn ligaments in my throttle thumb (street motorcycle accident, ‘09).

  • Renewed Romance: Honda CBR929

    Renewed Romance: Honda CBR929

    Lieback’s Corner (#7) / 6.17.2011

    With June halfway over, my plans for purchasing a 2011 Ducati 848EVO by summer have suddenly vanished. Well, unless I hit the lottery by the Summer Solstice this Tuesday. But since I no longer play the lottery, this is 100-percent doubtful thinking.