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  • Fork Cartridge Kit for Harley Softails

    Fork Cartridge Kit for Harley Softails

    Progressive Suspension

    High performance front suspension is finally available for the intrepid Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycle models.

    Progressive Suspension’s state of the art Monotube Fork Kit is designed for the performance oriented motorcycle rider who demands both handling and ride quality out of their Harley Softail street bike.

  • Eliminating Harley Fork Dive

    Eliminating Harley Fork Dive

    Harley-Davidson Suspension

    Does this sound familiar: "I ride a big bike and it feels like my front end dives at every stop light."

    I’ve heard this complaint countless times from Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders and figured today’s as good a time as any to walk you through a fork dive event and detail a solution to correct it.