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  • Harley-Davidson: Python Throwback Exhaust

    Harley-Davidson: Python Throwback Exhaust

    Harley Exhaust

    Python has released a new exhaust system for a wide range of 1986-2011 Harley Davidson motorcycles: the Python Throwback series.

    These 1 3/4" dual-wall headpipes flow into 2 1/8" muffler bodies to create an aggressive throaty sound that is anything but "factory."

  • Harley: Samson Cross Under Exhaust

    Harley: Samson Cross Under Exhaust

    Harley Exhaust

    Samson is known for quality aftermarket exhaust systems for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and they just added a system to their product line: the Samson Cross Under exhaust system.

    The Cross Under is available for Harley-Davidson touring and Road King models, adding a sharp look and a powerful tone.