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  • Brian Deegan | ‘Disposable Hero’ DVD

    Brian Deegan | ‘Disposable Hero’ DVD

    Disposable Hero

    Click video to see the preview of the new DVD ‘Disposable Hero’. Brian Deegan is one of the founders of Freestyle Motocross and the leader of the Metal Mulisha, a heavy hitting influential group of professional motocross riders.

    He is one of the most successful riders of all time, and the holder of multiple medals at the ESPN X Games. On a recent Metal Mulisha tour of Australia, Deegan and his crew sold out six venues of 10,000-plus seat venues, in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

  • American Freestyle Motocross Awards

    American Freestyle Motocross Awards

    FMX Awards

    2009 has marked the first year for the American Freestyle Motocross Association to host an awards ceremony presented by Fuel TV. Ballots were sent out to over 40 Pro FMX riders to determine this year’s winners by the highest number of votes in each category.