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  • Big Bore Kit | Harley-Davidson

    Big Bore Kit | Harley-Davidson

    Twin Cam Parts

    "Do I really need a Big Bore kit? How will these parts affect the power output of my Harley-Davidson motorcycle?" These are two of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the Biker Helpline.

  • 2010 Triumph Thunderbird | Review

    2010 Triumph Thunderbird | Review

    2010 Parallel Twin

    The 2010 Triumph Thunderbird’s wings have shape shifted into a massive parallel twin motor. Triumph’s Thunderbird is Harley-Davidson’s worst nightmare come true. If there is such a thing as a slayer of giants or, in this case, a Harley killer, then the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird is the spearhead and the first that really could matter.