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  • Steve Posson Sculptures | Motorcycle Fine Art

    Steve Posson Sculptures | Motorcycle Fine Art

    Metal Magic Motorcycle Art.

    Somewhere in the shadow of Hearst Castle, along a quiet stretch of the California Coast, artist Steve Posson can be found in his studio sketching, modeling or casting his next bronze sculpture. This is far from lightweight work, however, as Posson’s interpretations of Motorcycle and Car designs can weigh in at upwards of 600 pounds.

  • Jeremy McGrath | Bronze Statue

    Jeremy McGrath | Bronze Statue

    Showtime Sculpture 

    While rightly much has been made of Ricky Carmichael’s recent triumphs on the Supercross and motocross tracks of America, it is always wise to remember our past heroes, even when they are not that far in the past. Live Nation commissioned artist Steve Posson to craft a bronze statue of Jeremy "Showtime" McGrath, the winningest racer in AMA Supercross premier class history, with 72 wins and seven championships at the close of the 20th century.