2005 Harley-Davidson CVO | Previews

Motorcycle Previews

Tis' the season once again, and though a motorcycle electric vest would be nice, or an intercom system might bring you and your partner closer together—let's face it— nothing really says, “I love you” like a full-blown Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson for Rent | Motorcycle Travel

Motorcycle Rentals

Select one of 280 destinations in over 12 countries.  Then begin your road trip on a Harley of your choice, to the sights of your dreams. Thanks to Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental Operators it is easy to plan a quick get-a-way with a variety of recent-model hogs, including the Sportster, Dyna Glide, Softail, VRSC, and Touring models.

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum | Motorcycle Destination

Motorcycle Heaven in Birmingham.

Every collector understands the story.  First, a couple of objects—motorcycles perhaps—are acquired, soon followed by a few more. After all, bikes are wonderful to look at as well as ride—and there is still room left in the toy box. Quickly the number swells to twenty or more and there is no longer space at home, bikes are on display in every room.  But it's impossible to stop.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a few real race machines—maybe an MV Agusta GP bike, or an antique Indian board tracker?

Concours d’Elegance | Motorcycle Destination

Manor Born

Louis Vuitton—as a purveyor of custom luggage and expensive bags, and owner of elite subsidiaries such as Donna Karan, Veuve Clicquot and Moët & Chandon, Hennessey, Givenchy, and Tag Heuer—is one of Europe's most profitable groups, yet is not too proud to maintain links with the concours and retro-rally scene.

2005 Honda Gold Wing | Review

Motorcycle Review

Few motorcycles can claim a longer life span or more loyal following than Honda's 30-year-old flagship tourer, the Gold Wing.  As I give the 2005 Honda Gold Wing a stationary once over, it becomes rapidly apparent that the fit and finish of the machine is first rate. 

Monument Valley | Motorcycle Travel

We sat on our motorcycles, overlooking Monument Valley from the north, feeling this Navajo chant resonating deeply inside, absorbing the awesome beauty and majesty of the vista that lay before us. I was mesmerized, appreciating the moment-to-moment shifting of light and shadow and color, taking it all in with every breath, with every sense.

Trick Truck

When is loading and hauling your motor-cycle as much fun as riding it?

2008 Moto Guzzi California Vintage | ShowCase

In tribute to the groundbreaking 1971 Moto Guzzi Los Angeles Police Department bike—the Italian factory is offering the new California Vintage. Maintaining its law enforcement heritage and image, the California Vintage is a turnkey tourer (crash bars, panniers, and triple headlights are standard) in black-and-white.

Unlike the original 757cc V7, the California Vintage is propelled by a current Moto Guzzi powerplant—a 1064cc, air-cooled transverse V-twin with two pushrod-actuated valves per cylinder.

NCR Millona One Shot | Superbike Review

Ducati Power

Tucked in behind the windscreen of the NCR Millona One Shot, rapidly reeling in blurring pavement on the steep banking of Fontana's California Speedway, my peripheral vision caught the flashing red shift indicator light. Having not counted the shifts and traveling at this speed, I assumed all the available gears had been exhausted. Out of curiosity, I chopped the throttle for a millisecond and tapped the shifter. My inquisitiveness revealed that sixth gear was still virgin territory.

San Juan Mountains | Motorcycle Travel

There's no doubt that there was symbolism in the air. We were at the Handlebars Bar and Saloon in Silverton, Colo., enjoying an authentic western lunch, celebrating the 25th anniversary of our first ride together. Of course, this time, rather than two-up on a 1981 Yamaha 550 Seca in Southern California, we arrived on a Ducati ST3 S ABS and a Moto Guzzi Breva V 1100.

Big Dog Motorcycles Bulldog | Custom Bike Review

American V-Twin Chopper

The chopper brings out the animal in us. No matter how self-effacing or demure we may claim to be, the presence and defiance of these motorcycles stirs the renegade within. With the bikes elongated crouches, they are like Dobermans ready to pounce, packages of barely controlled violence balanced on the edge of beauty and lethality. Baring their teeth, their engines growl the challenge to us: command them, or live forever in fear of them.

2008 Victory Vision Street | Motorcycle Test

Potato-potato-potato. That repetitive onomatopoeia was once used in a courtroom to describe Harley-Davidson's distinctive V-twin idle, a rumble of such specific timbre and cadence that the manufacturer sought to trademark its sound. Victory Motorcycles, keenly aware of the lure and lore of air-cooled V-twins as popularized by Harley, has literally built its new Vision—not to mention their entire brand—around that storied powerplant configuration as well.

2008 Suzuki Boulevard C109RT | Motorcycle Preview

Big Bones

Those in the market for stylish, big-bore baggers will have a good deal of whisker scratching to do in 2008. Just as the touring demographic is expanding, so are its options. Hot on the tailpipes of the Victory Vision's intergalactic funk come a new machine as disparate in their styling as their origins. For the metrically inclined, there is a powerful tourer with classic good looks from a Japanese manufacturing titan.

2008 Kawasaki Versys | Review

Versys Review

Do-it-all motorcycles, with styling reminiscent of a Dakar rally bike, but only the slightest pretence of off-road capabilities, generally come from Europe—with offerings from marques such as BMW, Ducati and Triumph—where the styling and performance have great appeal.

2007 Harley-Davidson Super Glide | Motorcycle Review

Roam in Chrome

Harley's influential Super Glide began life in 1971 as the result of Willie G. Davidson's Frankensteinian grafting of the Sportster's slinky front end to the muscular frame and powertrain of the Electra Glide. Willie G's chopper-inspired cut-and-paste resulted in the birth of the (seemingly) oxymoronic “factory-custom” genre. For customers looking for a trick ride with a factory warranty and without a hefty aftermarket accessory tab, the Super Glide hammered a persuasive power chord that is still ringing throughout the industry.