2008 Honda CBR1000RR | Motorcycle Test

Launched in 2004, the Honda CBR1000RR was a revelation to me; it was incredibly fast and confidence-inspiring. In 2006, Honda offered an improved, lighter version—a logical evolution of an already remarkable bike. What Honda did not reveal, was that the company was simultaneously designing this all-new 2008 version.

The unusually long four-year development period was time well spent.

2008 Suzuki Hayabusa | Feature

The wide, bulbous bodywork flows across the bike like lava from a volcano. The long nose droops forward, almost over the front fender, and the sharp talon-like air-intakes stand ready to gulp huge lungfuls of air in order for this glowering bird to take flight. The newest edition of the Suzuki Hayabusa sits quietly for now, but for anyone daring enough to pull the hood from its eyes, this bird of prey is clearly ready to unleash its nigh-on 200 horsepower—and swoop down for the kill.

This styling was controversial when the Hayabusa was first released in 1999.

1976 Kawasaki KZ900 Review - in action

1976 Kawasaki KZ900 | Motorcycle Review

The Z900 Family

The year 1967 was awash in monumental events. Summer of Love bromides aside, the image of Hendrix immolating his Strat at Monterey is a visual time stamp of a convulsive year. Change and upheaval, among other things, were in the air.

2008 Ecosse Spirit ES1 | Motorcycle Preview

Broadly, there are three areas that combine to make speed. Naturally, engine power is one and weight is another. However, few competitors outside the Bonneville Salt Flats appear to give as much thought to the third: aerodynamics. The Ecosse Spirit ES1 is a radical new concept threatening to turn motorcycle performance on its head.

2008 Desmosedici RR | Achievement in Design

Ducati's 2007 MotoGP season was a truly astonishing display of dominance from the relatively small Italian factory. The resulting World Championship win was a complete rout of the competition, and the unassailable points lead—with three rounds left to go—was the result of perfect collaboration between Ducati, Bridgestone tires, and Casey Stoner, who found himself in the midst of a perfect storm.

Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex | Review

Custom Bike

"I've always been an extremist," Frenchman-turned-Floridian Christian Travert says as he swivels around in his chair and smiles. He displays 17 months of design work: 4,972 computer files with pre-production renderings of his V-Rex motorcycle. Clearly, he is extreme in his perfectionism.

1972 Husqvarna 250 CR | Motorcycle Preview

Heikki Mikkola Motorcycle Replica

The sixties were drawing to a close when promoter Edison Dye trespassed on American Hare Scrambles with a form of off-road racing he imported from Europe. Dye had convinced a number of European riders to cross the pond and compete in an exhibition series to introduce the sport to America. The sport was called Motocross and dirt biking would never again be the same Stateside. (Click image to enlarge)

2008 Honda CRF230L | Motorcycle Test

Living in Los Angeles has its definitive advantages for a motorcyclist. With the help of the beautiful Southern California climate, motorcyclists can enjoy the freedom of being able to ride almost year-round, which serves as a reason to get outside and search for a way to explore our own senses of adventure. Requiring only a short ride, Los Angeles offers many things to do, from hanging around the snowy slopes of Big Bear Lake in the winter, to swimming at one of Malibu's beaches in the summer.

2008 Tough Customs Tough Gun | Motorcycle Review

"Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long," declares Canadian rocker Tom Cochrane in his unapologetic, and timeless, anthem to windblown individualism. That spirit emanates from Windsor, Ontario's Tough Customs, and its current contender, the succinctly christened "Tough Gun". Looking like Detroit muscle car morphed into motorbike, this one-off pro-street custom is equally unapologetic, as is the company's founder, Rick Tomicic.


2007 Ducati Monster S4R S Tricolore - Test

2008 Ducati Monster S4R S Tricolore Review | Italian Canyon Carver

What’s not to like? Ducati takes its liquid-cooled, four-valve, L-twin Testastretta motor pumping out 130 hp and drops it into a trellis-framed naked bike with a semi-upright rider’s position, then tops it off with the paint scheme from the Italian flag (or the nearest pizza joint), carbon fiber here, there and everywhere, plus distinctive dual mufflers stacked high on the right.

2008 MV Agusta Brutale 910R | QuickShift

Partnering with the Monte Carlo-based Wally Yachts, MV Agusta is offering a limited edition Brutale 910R featuring distinctive styling touches that include an exclusive paint scheme and a seat with Wally embroidering. 

2008 Kawasaki KX250F | Motorcycle Exhaust Change

Kawasaki's Lites class motocross weapon, the KX250F, is a stellar example of just how far racing technology has evolved. The production machine is extremely light with an explosive four-stroke engine and superlative handling. Kawasaki's Trade/Enthusiast Media Supervisor Russ Brenan saw the potential of adapting the track-specific machine to handle single-track trails and off-road riding, resulting in this impressive in-house project.

2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR | Feature

The Marchesini wheels are not look-alikes. They are identical to the forged magnesium hoops that Casey Stoner uses and nearly 10 lbs lighter than those found on a typical sportbike.

2008 Buell 1125R | Motorcycle Review

Water-cooled Powerplant

When asked how long he has wanted to build a water-cooled production sportbike, it takes a moment for a telling expression to wash over Erik Buell's face. A nearby engineer overhears the question and erupts with knowing laughter—yet another unspoken confirmation that a large part of Buell's nearly quarter-century of bike building has been tinged with a bit of unconsummated technological craving.

2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 | Motorcycle Test

Local law statutes, geneticists, and musical instruments dating back to 1500 BC, (a three tube clarinet called a launeddas) have all ensured Sardinia and its inhabitants general recognition as a "popolo" (distinct place and people). I can now add the Ducati Hypermotard 1100 to the list of unique things experienced in Sardinia.