Cruiser Motorcycle Reviews

Welcome to the Ultimate MotorCycling Cruiser Motorcycle Reviews page, where we offer tests of Harley-Davidson, Victory, Indian, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi and other cruisers, such as the Ducati Diavel and XDiavel. Find unbiased reviews, photos and specs of all cruiser motorcycles here!

2013 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring | Test

2013 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring Review Forty-two years ago a distinguished, but financially struggling, company brought out the first of a long line of...
Harley Breakout Review

2013 Harley-Davidson Breakout Review

2013 Harley-Davidson Breakout Review The new Breakout is the first-ever standard-issue Harley-Davidson modeled after a Custom Vehicle Operations model, rather than vice-versa. When creating the...

Suzuki Extends its B.O.S.S. Family: C90, C50 & M109R

2014 Suzuki B.O.S.S. C90, C50 and M109R Preview Last year, Suzuki unveiled the Boulevard B.O.S.S. C90T, a blacked out version of its popular C90T cruiser. The...

2013 Victory Boardwalk | Quick Look

2013 Victory Motorcycle All-new for 2013 from Victory is the laid-back, classic-styled Boardwalk. Chrome is in no short supply, and white-walled 16-inch Metzeler tires mounted...

2013 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim | Quick Look

2013 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle With a low seat that tapers to a narrow point just short of the fuel tank, the 2013 Softail Slim, which arrived...

2013 Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom | First Ride Review

  Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom Test If you have never considered a Moto Guzzi because of a perceived stogy image, the 2013 California 1400 Custom...

2014 Star Bolt R-Spec | First Ride


2014 Star Bolt R-Spec Test

 Bobbed and black, rather than chopped and chromed, the 2014 Star Bolt is a highly capable addition to the Star...
2013 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic 110th Anniversary Edition For Sale

2013 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic 110th Anniversary Edition | Review

2013 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Test With Harley-Davidson proudly commemorating its 110th anniversary this year, it is only fitting to revisit one of The Motor...

2011 Ducati Diavel Carbon | Test

Sympathy for the Devil

"Please allow me to introduce myself; I'm a man of wealth and taste," Mick Jagger sang in the Rolling Stones' Sympathy For The Devil. Because the Diablo name was already taken by the likes of Pirelli, whose tires have been specially made for this very devil, Ducati resorted to its own Bolognese dialect for the word Diavel.

2011 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Review: Cruiser Motorcycle

2011 FLSTF Fat Boy

I guess the first thing I should disclose is that I've never really liked the Fat Boy moniker that Harley-Davidson put on this Softail motorcycle. But, then, I never liked the name Fatburger--a popular local hamburger chain in Los Angeles--even as I happily devoured their signature sandwich.

2010 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 Review

Royal Enfield Motorcycles

I'm taking a break by the side of the road. A seasoned gentleman walking his dog steps up to me and asks, "What year is it?" I reply confidently, "2010." He follows up with, "No, I mean the motorcycle."

2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custome SE

2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom SE Test: Ready For Urban Duty

Motorcycle Review

Most of us fight an eternal internal battle; we are constantly sorting out what we need, what we want, and what is best for ourselves. The 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom SE (Special Edition) forces us to confront the question of how much displacement is the right amount.

2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom SE Review: Cruiser Motorcycle

2010 Vulcan Special Edition

One can easily dismiss mid-size cruisers such as the 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Special Edition. They point to the liquid-cooled 903cc V-twin motor and scoff at its "diminutive" size, as if 96 cubic inches is the minimum required for a "real" cruiser.

2010 Triumph Thunderbird Review

2010 Parallel Twin

The 2010 Triumph Thunderbird's wings have shape shifted into a massive parallel twin motor. Triumph's Thunderbird is Harley-Davidson's worst nightmare come true. If there is such a thing as a slayer of giants or, in this case, a Harley killer, then the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird is the spearhead and the first that really could matter.

2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Review

2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom | Review

Vulcan 900 Review

Well, this one almost slipped by us. When Kawasaki announced the new-for-'07 Vulcan 900 Custom, it's safe to say that there wasn't a staff-wide arm wrestling sudden-death tournament to determine who got to ride it first. But, at Kawasaki's urging that I was really missing something, I skeptically agreed to give the 900 Custom a shot. Really, how exciting could a sub-liter metric cruiser be?