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MAD Maps | Motorcycle Travel

Motorcycle Touring

Back in 1972, Jenny Lefferts' dad's ideal summer vacation was to take his VW Bus, pack in the family and take a road trip.  Sounds a bit like National Lampoon's 'Vacation' with Clark Griswald… so it might have been that Jenny’s dad often got lost.

Julian, California | Motorcycle Travel

The mad rush for gold that swept through California in the mid-to-late-1800s inspired a great many townships to spring up to accommodate the sudden influx of people eager to cash in on the boom. Unfortunately, the earthly riches proved less plentiful than the pioneers' avarice, and many of these once-burgeoning cities lost their luster and their populaces, fading rapidly into lonesome ghost towns.

2009 Kawasaki KLX250S | Motorcycle Test

Off-Road, On-Road Motorcycle.

Designing a bike for the dual-sport market is a balancing act. Some riders will spend most of their time on the street, with the occasional off-payment foray on friendly dirt roads; others will use the street simply as a means to get to the dirt. Once there, challenging primitive roads and single-track trails become the adventure.

Free Style “The Movie” | Corbin Bleu Interview

Action-packed Motocross Movie.

Unfortunately for us enthusiasts, mainstream movies featuring motorcycles are a bit thin on the ground; and really good movies featuring motorcycles are even rarer. However, perhaps all that is about to change with the upcoming release in March 2009 of the movie ‘Free Style’.

2009 Buell Ulysses XB12XT | Review

XB12XT Review

Balancing sporty characteristics with enough comfort to ride hundreds of miles a day, motorcycle manufacturers make a choice to design their bikes to exhibit more or less sport bike characteristics based on the intended role and target audience. Buell strikes the perfect balance with the new Ulysses XB12XT adventure sport touring motorcycle.

2008 Suzuki DR-Z125L | Motorcycle Test

Although Suzuki categorizes the DR-Z125L off-road motorcycle as a "kids" bike, I am here to tell you that there is quite a bit of fun lurking there for adults. As someone who stands 5' 6" and weighs 115 lbs, the DR-Z125L is a perfect cross-training bike for me.

Dynamic Ducati Driving | Dolomite Travel

Ducati Tours

I could have sworn I saw Heidi skipping down one of the many long grassy slopes with her grandfather slowly walking behind her. But, despite the magical views, I had to concentrate on the road ahead as we wound our way through some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet: the Dolomites mountain range in north-eastern Italy.

Icon Daytona DMH Jacket | QuickShift

Icon Motosports has taken the motorcyclist apparel paradigm and turned it upside down. Their designs are purposefully conceived to defy classification.  And their styles are bold and eye catching.

Costa Rica Adventure | Motorcycle Adventure

Freedom. It is the spirit that drives us to ride motorcycles, and we attain that feeling in ways as diverse as our choice of machines. Of course, freedom in highly organized societies can become a relative thing. Unless we are riding entirely on private property (and sometimes even then), we are restricted by laws governing our sport. Those on custom cruisers are limited by equipment regulations, sport riders by speed limits and off-roaders by land use restrictions.

Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex | Review

Custom Bike

"I've always been an extremist," Frenchman-turned-Floridian Christian Travert says as he swivels around in his chair and smiles. He displays 17 months of design work: 4,972 computer files with pre-production renderings of his V-Rex motorcycle. Clearly, he is extreme in his perfectionism.

1972 Husqvarna 250 CR | Motorcycle Preview

Heikki Mikkola Motorcycle Replica

The sixties were drawing to a close when promoter Edison Dye trespassed on American Hare Scrambles with a form of off-road racing he imported from Europe. Dye had convinced a number of European riders to cross the pond and compete in an exhibition series to introduce the sport to America. The sport was called Motocross and dirt biking would never again be the same Stateside. (Click image to enlarge)

2008 Honda CRF230L | Motorcycle Test

Living in Los Angeles has its definitive advantages for a motorcyclist. With the help of the beautiful Southern California climate, motorcyclists can enjoy the freedom of being able to ride almost year-round, which serves as a reason to get outside and search for a way to explore our own senses of adventure. Requiring only a short ride, Los Angeles offers many things to do, from hanging around the snowy slopes of Big Bear Lake in the winter, to swimming at one of Malibu's beaches in the summer.

2008 Yamaha WR250R and WR250X | Motorcycle Test

Science historian James Burke's 1985 BBC-TV documentary series, "The Day The Universe Changed", documented key moments in the development of science and technology, and their effects on our perception of the world. Had Burke issued an episode tracking pivotal points in motorcycling in the United States, the day the Yamaha DT-1 250cc Enduro was introduced 40 years ago certainly would have qualified.

2008 Kawasaki KX250F | Motorcycle Exhaust Change

Kawasaki's Lites class motocross weapon, the KX250F, is a stellar example of just how far racing technology has evolved. The production machine is extremely light with an explosive four-stroke engine and superlative handling. Kawasaki's Trade/Enthusiast Media Supervisor Russ Brenan saw the potential of adapting the track-specific machine to handle single-track trails and off-road riding, resulting in this impressive in-house project.

Edelweiss Royal Spanish Castle Tour | Motorcycle Travel

The first rule of an Edelweiss tour is reassuringly simple: You are never lost. “And in our case,” the tour guide added just prior to departing Barcelona, “as long as you don't cross a border, you know you're somewhere in Spain.” He had a point. And with that calming rationale wisely imparted to assuage any angst we intrepid adventurers might have, armed with an array of detailed maps, we were let loose upon Spain.