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Baxter Cycle | A Rare Mix of New & Vintage Motorcycles

Vintage Motorcycles Tracking down that hard to find - or down-right rare - British brand vintage motorcycle you’ve always wanted can be very tough, particularly...
Honda Shadow VT750 Recall | 2010-2015

Honda Shadow Recall | VT750 Model Year 2010-2015

Honda Shadow Recall 2010-2015 Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) has recalled over 22,000 of its Shadow motorcycles, model year 2010-2015. Honda says the following models are...
TVS Acquires Norton Motorcycles - India and UK

India’s TVS Acquires Norton Motorcycles; Price Tag: £16 million

It has been a long and winding road for Norton Motorcycles. Founded in 1898 as a parts manufacturer, and first producing motorcycles in 1902,...
Honda DCT Technology Exposed in New Website

Honda DCT Technology Exposed in New Website

Honda DCT Technology Website Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of a new website to promote its DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). The website tells...
How to Contact Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturers

How to Contact Chinese Motorcycle Manufacturers

I receive a lot of letters from people complaining that they never receive replies to their emails when contacting Chinese motorcycle manufacturers for the...
Flying Merkel Twin 1913

Pre-World War II Motorcycles like Flying Merkel Twin to Vegas Bonhams

Many Pre-World War II motorcycles will highlight the Vegas Bonhams show, including an all-original, un-restored 1913 Flying Merkel Twin.

Rooke Customs’ Darla | KTM-Based Masterpiece

The creation of a hand-built motorcycle is a series of philosophical milestones on a path of many forks. Some lead to the circus of today's custom bike world, others to obscurity, with fortitude and integrity the only companions on a route to transcendent reward. “Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values,” wrote Ayn Rand, author of The Fountainhead. The works of builder Jesse Rooke would have enriched her lexicon of individualism, for this is a happy man.
Thrustcycle Unveils GyroCyle, a Self-Balancing Motorcycle

Thrustcycle Unveils GyroCycle, a Self-Balancing Motorcycle

Thrustcycle, based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, has unveiled its new self-balancing electric motorcycle prototype, the GyroCycle.
Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips | Prep for a New Season of Riding

Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips | Prep for a New Season of Riding

Bringing the Bike Out for Spring? Top Tips on Motorcycle Maintenance Save for a few hardy souls, motorcycling in the UK and the United States...
Guide to Buying Motorcycle Parts from China

Guide to Buying Motorcycle Parts from China

Buying Motorcycle Parts from China A short time ago I wrote an article detailing the best was to go about importing motorcycles from China (Read...
Harley-Davidson, Kansas City Harley-Davidson Closing, Harley-Davidson Kansas City Operations

Harley-Davidson to Cease Kansas City Operations; Loss of 800 Jobs

Following a 6.7 % decline in yearly worldwide sales, Harley-Davidson will close the doors of its Kansas City, Missouri, facility; 800 jobs will be lost.
Triumph Partners with Bajaj

Triumph Partners With Bajaj Auto: New Models Coming

Britain’s Triumph Motorcycles and India’s Bajaj Auto Limited will be working together to produce Triumph motorcycles in the 200cc to 750cc range. The two...
2018 Ducati Sales Report Multistrada 1260

2018 Ducati Worldwide Sales Decrease 5% Overall; Takes Lead in Superbike Segment

Though 2018 Ducati worldwide sales were down 5%, it took over the lead in the superbike segement. One in every four superbikes sold was a Panigale.
Ducati For Sale: Harley-Davidson is Interested

Ducati For Sale: Harley-Davidson is Interested

Harley-Davidson is reportedly interested in buying Ducati from its owner Volkswagen for $1.67 billion. Bids are expected to begin in July.

Rewaco to Launch RF-1 Trike Models in USA

Rewaco USA Trikes The German-made motorcycle-trike brand Rewaco is set to launch its RF-1 lineup to the U.S. Market this October. Through Rewaco USA, the trike...