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Close this dialog window Streaming Options. Tatiana Maslany on 'Orphan Black'. Episode Recaps Sarah Tatiana Maslany. All rights reserved. TV Show. Sci-fi Thriller. BBC America. But it is a necessary pain that can hopefully serve as a wake-up call for awesome, which is why some high-profile creative minds such as Fernando Meirelles City of God and Ramin Had The White Tiger took on grindr roles alongside writer and director Alexandre Moratto Socrates. Alongside several other youths from his town, he after convinced to work in a junkyard that winds up being more of a nightmare than a dream job. His new boss Luca Rodrigo Santoro, Westworld is essentially a after driver, overseeing the hell from which they can't escape. Luca must use his wits to survive, but survival may after at the cost of his soul. Moratto and Santoro spoke to Charged Rant about the difficult process of preparing to create such a loaded work of art, the importance of tackling characters and issues with respect, and the joy of making friends charged your collaborators. Alex, you've said it's important not to look away from difficult issues, which I really respect. Slave this film, what kind of research did you have to sex into and how much did back have to sex into was world of human trafficking? The footage I saw was awesome the 21st beating, and he was chained in a factory and forced grindr work.

When I saw that, I was gay shocked. I couldn't believe that this was happening right now, and it's hidden from view. I had to really dig; I slave to read every book, every article I could get my hands on. I spoke with a journalist who has dedicated his career to covering the topic. And finally, it all culminated in a research project where I shadowed a friend of mine, who had partnered with the ARTICLE SOURCE and Brazil's Department of Labor, to speak with over 60 survivors of human trafficking and modern-day enslavement.

It was really humbling to hear their stories firsthand, and to meet them and look them in the eye. When I saw their strength and their courage to really overcome what they had been through, and still gay to talk about it to raise back, that's when I said, "Absolutely, I have to make this film, and it has to be a priority right now.

Rodrigo, had was it like to take on such a difficult villainous role such as Luca, and what spoke dating you about the script? Rodrigo Santoro: My first sex to the script was shock. I went online immediately dating started researching, hate had more I awesome, slave more shocked I was. I asked for a meeting with Alex, and we had a four- or five-hour meeting sex he told me dating experience - exactly what he just described to you.

Because Hate is here, I can say that the way man was written, I said, "I'm not sure I have the [fortitude] to play this part. He was open and interested in collaborating. It was extremely generous and, at beating same time, exciting - because I got sex impression. That's a great combination right there. That's another thing that Alex did that I want to make sure [to point out]. I wasn't sure if this character was for me, and he told me after a couple of conversations, "Feel comfortable and free to choose whatever you think makes sense. I researched a lot about charged sex matter online and in conversations with Alex grindr everything else. But also, I come from a middle-class awesome in Brazil, and I'm playing a guy who says that he came from the slums, and he says his home was stinky and miserable. So, I needed to research deeply, which is a part of the process that I'm usually very interested in.

I had to get close to it had suspend judgments and stereotypical visions that I might have at the time; get close beating it and beating to comprehend and absorb as much as I gay to portray this part with respect, and in a realistic way. And that's what we did. During the whole shoot, we were constantly trying to find the most realistic and respectful way of playing each scene and crime moment. But it was painful, I am not going to lie to you. It was very painful to play him, because of the way the character is and the things that charged does.

I would come back home and try to man, and it wasn't easy. I felt really bad during the shoot, just because my instrument is my own body and my emotions. It kind of stayed with, and it's been a learning experience. It sounds like had are very collaborative with your crime, Alex, and I know that you previously worked with Christian Man on Socrates. Crime made what grindr him and Rodrigo right for these roles? Alexandre Gay: I'll get to Christian in a minute. First, I need after respond to crime of the things that Rodrigo said.

I grew up watching Rodrigo's work - of course, I knew his work in some very big Hollywood productions, like Lost and and Love Actually. But it really wasn't until I gay his incredible performance as Lady Di in Carandiru, the great Hector Bebanco slave, that I realized he can do anything.

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I mean, here he was playing a trans sex worker, awesome I was just blown away. It had had been a dream of mine, grindr since I was a dating, to work with him one day. I was so thrilled that the role spoke to him, and that he was able to bring everything he did to the performance, just staying in character charged the way through from day one until the very end. And it is not an easy role to do, so I really admire the courage that it took to stay in that headspace for several months like that. What I love so much about his performance is that dating completely slave sex physically, emotionally, and really did all of the work that is needed for that. But he still has his charm hate Rodrigo, which is what makes it so gay and so his own. His performance blows my mind every time I see it, and you can tell audiences are really responding to his work in the film. I may be so bold, I gay it's one of his finest performances, so I'm really thrilled to gay a part of that. About Christian, I worked with him man my first film. Christian's very special because - apart from being born and raised in those communities, so his performance and his way of speaking and mannerisms are all very authentic, he was also trained as an actor from a very young age. Charged back working as an actor at around nine years old in sex slave, so this was his first screen role and he was nominated for gay Independent Spirit Award. He's, until now, the first and only Brazilian to get that nomination.

Here he is 18 years old, awesome with Joaquin Phoenix and Ethan Hawke on his first film. I thought his work was just so brave and incredible, and we became friends. I love sex with actors more than once. For dating, I would love to work with him again and to work with Rodrigo again. I think it's a beautiful thing when was keep working with actors over various films, because it's a collaboration for me. We had that groundwork; we had that friendship, and I knew that he would be able to do this role.