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Brammo expands electric motorcycle race team

With the world's first zero emissions motorcycle race set to take place June 12, 2009 on the Isle of Man, Brammo announced it would add a second Enertia TTR motorcycle and rider to its TTXGP race team.

Brammo electric motorcycle to race Isle of Man TT

Brammo, the Ashland, OR-based manufacturer of the Brammo Enertia plug-in electric motorcycle, has hired Hardcard Holdings, LLC to organize its racing effort in the upcoming TTXGP event to be held in conjunction with the world famous Isle of Man TT. The event is scheduled for June 12th, 2009. The team will enter a full race-spec version of its production Enertia model.

"We are very pleased to assist Brammo in their racing debut" said Andy Leisner, Managing Partner of Hardcard.

Brammo electric race motorcycle team gets Best Buy Sponsorship

Brammo, maker of the Enertia plug-in electric motorcycle announced today that Best Buy is an official sponsor and team partner of Brammo's two-bike team that will compete in the Isle of Man TTXGP race. The team will be officially known as Team Brammo Enertia Best Buy Racing.

Founder and CEO of Brammo, Craig Bramscher said, "Our goal with Team Brammo Enertia Best Buy Racing is to explore future capabilities, technologies and features of the production-based Enertia electric motorcycle and the future of the Brammo product line.

Brammo qualifies well for Isle of Man TTXGP

Excitement is building at the inaugural TTXGP on the Isle of Man as Brammo's two production-based Enertia TTR race bikes took second and third in yesterday's final qualifying sessions.

The world's first no-emissions motorcycle race is now just hours away as the 23 teams from around the world hit the track tomorrow, June 12. For additional information about the event, visit www.ttxgp.com.

Isle of Man Zero Carbon TTXGP | Motorcycle Race Results

Zero Carbon Electric Motorcycles

The electric bikes competing in the TTXGP, the world's first zero carbon eGrandPrix, have completed the race. In the BEST BUY PRO Class, UK/India-based team Agni with rider Rob Barber secured first place with a time of 25mins 53secs and an average speed of 87.434mph. In the OPEN class US based electric motorsport secured the win with rider Chris Heath secured first place with a time of 34mins 17secs and an average speed of 66.022 mph.

Brammo takes 1st place in production-class at TTXGP

The Brammo Enertia ridden by Scotland's Mark Buckley was the first place finishing production-based bike and third place overall in the historic TTXGP electric motorcycle race. Part of the 102nd year of the Isle of Man TT, the TTXGP featured electric motorcycles from around the globe in a single-lap race of the 37.73-mile street circuit.

The Brammo bikes reached top speeds exceeding 102 MPH, amongst the fastest in the field, and turned consistent average race lap speeds of over 75 MPH.

Zero Motorcycles DS | Electric Dual Sport Preview

All Roads, All Electric

Zero Motorcycles today introduced the Zero DS, a fully electric dual sport motorcycle that can be ridden anywhere from the city street, to a gravel road, to a dirt trail. Zero has equipped its latest model with aggressive suspension, rugged wheels and dual sport tires to efficiently move riders over any surface. The Zero DS is a high performance motorcycle that is powered by Zero Motorcycles' industry leading Z-Force drivetrain.                     

Zero Motorcycles joins Alternative Energy Education

Zero Motorcycles today announced their partnership with the star-studded team behind the award-winning documentary "FUEL." In conjunction with the documentary's national opening in select cities on September 18th, the team behind "FUEL" created The Veggie Van Organization, a not-for-profit group that aims to facilitate the transition from fossil fuel use to a new green economy using sustainable energy. The Veggie Van Organization will be setting out on a cross-country excursion to promote "FUEL" and educate students of all ages about alternative fuels.

Zero MX Electric Motocross Action | Video

Electric Motocross Action

Click video to see Zero Motorcycles Australia let Cody Mackie and Benny Foster from Dirt Action Magazine loose on the Kembla MX Track to try out the new Zero MX Electric Motorcycles.

Electric motorcycle manufactures access funding

The United States House of Representatives has unanimously passed an amendment giving two-wheel electric vehicles manufacturers access to Department of Energy funding for further development of electric vehicles.

The amendment was included in HR 3246, the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act and passed the House on September 16, 2009, 312-114.

For the EV industry this will allow, for the first time, two wheel vehicles to benefit from federal Department of Energy funding.

Zero Motorcycles achieves 455 MPG equivalent

Zero Motorcycles today announced that it is the first and only electric motorcycle company to achieve three major milestones. They have passed both the US and Canadian safety standards and attained a ‘Certificate of Conformity' from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As a result, buyers of the Zero S and Zero DS can now benefit from major government incentives. They can also feel confident in the motorcycles' superior engineering and environmental benefits.

Brammo electric motorcycle to shock Barack Obama

Can the most efficient vehicle in America - the Brammo Enertia motorcycle - make it from Detroit to DC next week with just the help of everyday folks (and their plugs) along the way?

Starting on Tuesday, October 13, two of Brammo's star engineers - Brian Wismann and Aaron Bland, will embark on a 10-day trip - coined "Shocking Obama: Brammo's journey to present our President with the most energy efficient electric vehicle in America." While on this journey through America's heartland, Brian and Aaron will educate people about the benefits of electric bikes and advocate for the Advan

Test ride an electric motorcycle

Be one of the first to test ride the all-new fully electric motorcycle, the Zero S, this Sunday, October 18, 2009! Zero Motorcycles will be offering demo rides from 8am to 6pm at Hollywood Electrics. Electric motorcycle demos will be available by appointment only and begin at 8am every hour on the hour with refreshments offered all day.

2009 Zero DS Electric Motorcycle | Video

Street and Dirt Riding Action

Click video to see the 2009 Zero DS Electric Motorcycle in action. The latest addition to Zero Motorcycles lineup is a fully electric plug-in dual sport (DS) motorcycle. In this video you will see riding shots of the new 2009 Zero DS Electric Motorcycle both on and off-road.

Zero Motorcycles to enter Asian market

Zero Motorcycles announced today its partnership with AMPLE World to expand the Zero Motorcycles brand throughout Asia. Following the popularity and sales success of Zero Motorcycles in North America and Europe, Zero Motorcycles will now be sold in Singapore and greater Asia with the addition of AMPLE as the official distributor for consumer and fleet sales.

"Zero Motorcycles and AMPLE share a common goal of expanding the electric vehicle movement globally," says John Lloyd, VP of World Wide Sales of Zero Motorcycles.