1922 Brough Superior Mk1 Auction [Mecum Kissimmee 2023]

Over a century after its creation, this 1922 Brough Superior Mk1 will be on the block at Mecum Auctions’ Kissimmee 2023 event. Running January 4 through 15 and billed by Mecum as “The World’s Largest Collector Car Auction,” Kissimmee 2023 has nearly 4000 lots consigned for sale.

There are only two known examples of the 1922 Brough Superior Mk1, which was built three years after the founding of the company by George Brough. While in the British Army during World War I, Brough and George Patchett dreamed about building the perfect motorcycle.

1922 Brough Superior MK1 Auction: For Sale

This 1922 Brough Superior Mk1 came with the JAP 90-Bore motor—the other option was the Swiss M.A.G. powerplant. The JAP 90-Bore was notable, as it is one of the first overhead-valve V-twin motorcycle engines. With each cylinder having a 90mm bore and 77.5mm stroke, the 50-degree V-twin displaced 986cc.

Designed for racing, the 90-Bore had vertically mounted steel-alloy valves at the top of one-piece cast-iron cylinders. The external pushrods were controlled by two cams. The aluminum pistons had three rings for sealing. Fueling came via a two-lever AMAC carburetor with multiple jets.

1922 Brough Superior MK1 Auction: Mecum

Oil for the 1922 Brough Superior MK1’s motor was delivered by two systems—one automated and the other rider-controlled. A Best & Lloyd drip feed sent oil to the camshaft without rider intervention, while a tank-mounted hand pump fed oil to internal passageways. Using crankcase suction and disc valves, the oil was delivered as an efficient mist. This oiling system gave the JAP 90-Bore enhanced performance and reliability.

The power produced was sent to a Sturmey-Archer three-speed transmission. A robust design, the single-spring Sturmey-Archer clutch was strong enough to allow the owner to attach a sidecar to the motorcycle.

1922 Brough Superior MK1 Auction: Restored Classic Motorcycle

The diamond frame is a hardtail design with a springer front end and a sprung solo saddle. The 26-inch wire-spoke wheels are shod with Ensign Gord Extra Heavy Duty tires. Don’t miss the nickel-plated fuel tank, half-gallon oil tank, and leather under-seat tool carrier.

As the photos provided by Mecum reveal, this 1922 Brough Superior Mk1 has undergone a professional restoration, and the result was an award winner at the 2019 Motorolassic Concours in Melbourne. Mecum estimates this motorcycle will sell for at least $300,000 at Kissimmee 2023. You can bid online, or in person at Osceola Heritage Park in Florida.

1922 Brough Superior Mk1 Photo Gallery