Jorge Lorenzo Teams With Super Soco: JL99 X Super Soco Project Due

Jorge Lorenzo Super Soco

Life in the MotoGP world can get tough, even for a three-time MotoGP champion. After signing a two-year deal with the Repsol Honda Team, Jorge Lorenzo failed to crack the top 10 in his contract’s first year. That led to an early termination of the partnership, with Lorenzo moving to Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP to be a test rider in 2020. Lorenzo’s test rider career was notable for the limited laps he put in. By the end of the year, retiring LCR Honda MotoGP Team rider Cal Crutchlow took Lorenzo’s test seat at Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP. Lorenzo’s new job is promoting Super Soco electric motorcycles and scooters. The first fruit of that is the upcoming JL99 X Super Soco Project.

Jorge Lorenzo and Super Soco CUmini
Jorge Lorenzo and Super Soco CUmini

The Super Soco CUmini, which will be decked out in Lorenzo-inspired livery, is designed for beginners who want a short-distance commuter scooter. Special editions are nothing new for Super Soco. The Chinese company also offers the CUx Special Edition Ducati, which features a 32Ah battery and a 45-mile range.

Befitting a five-time world champion, the JL99 X Super Soco will feature a 0.8 horsepower electric motor with an eye-watering top speed of 28 mph. The range for the CUmini is 37 miles. The scooter features 12-inch wheels and 180mm disc brakes at both ends.

“Jorge Lorenzo…had the chance to test-ride the New Super Soco TS Street Hunter,” according to a Super Soco spokesman, “saying that he was extremely surprised by the design and the dynamic qualities of the new Super Soco naked and wanted to go further by binding to Vmoto Soco targets and values.”

Check out the lead photo of Lorenzo with the TS Hunter electric motorcycle. While he has a Shark helmet on his head and Alpinestars gloves on his hands, we’re hoping he didn’t go for a ride with running shoes, sweat pants, and a lizard-skin style jacket. According to Super Soco, the JL99 X Super Soco limited edition CUmini will be shown to the public in April.

Photography by Alberto Cervetti