Team RB Freestyle Randie and Birdman Motorcycle Stunt Riders

Hello Rider Readers,

It’s Randie Raige of Team RB Freestyle here! Come take an inside look at tandem stunt riding with me. That’s right, two people, one bike, one wheel.

Team R and B Freestyle thumbs up wheelie

Some days I am amazed at how long I have been involved in the sport—16 glorious years with only a short interruption to pregnancy. This is my way of life—not a hobby, not a pastime. It is my passion and lifestyle. Being on the bike with my partner, not only on the bike but my partner-in-life “Birdman”, is my happiest place and my happiest of hours. The bond, trust, challenges, pains, and gains are beyond exhilarating creating pure passion at its best.

Tandem creates many opportunities, but it also opens up more complexity and chances for error. Both riders require unique techniques of balance, communication, and machine technicality. Occasional failure is unfortunately inevitable, and part of freestyle riding in general. Riders must accept this upfront so it doesn’t create a mental game resulting in further failures or, even worse, bad injuries. The wrong attitudes or intentions can also result in painful failures so it’s best to always remain focused and driven.

Team R and B Freestyle sparks out back

Now that we’ve got all of the serious stuff out of the way, let’s get back to the exciting thrills!

Often, I am asked what my favorite tricks are. While loving all of the stunts that we do, if I had to choose one it would be Combos! Combos are a combination of various trick positions quickly but smoothly transitioned from one, to another, to another all while on the same, one wheelie.

Rolling burnouts provide the most adrenaline rush, however. There’s nothing like the smell of the burning rubber, the sound of the motor’s high rpm and the feeling of the swinging and sliding beneath the body.

Team R and B Freestyle rolling burnout

With so many distractions across the world right now, there is nothing quite like the feeling of being on a motorcycle. It is a vehicle that captures so many things for so many people. For some it is therapy, some a distraction from life, others it is freedom, and some just want to smile from ear to ear as they ride the roads—or all of the above. Whatever it is for you, be true to yourself and enjoy the ride!!!
Randie Raige

Team RB Freestyle – LA CA
Bike: 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750
IG: @teamRBfreestyle


Photography by Dave Weathers

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