Optimizing Recovery with Backmate by Eric Bostrom


During his years as a professional racer, Eric Bostrom had a reputation as one of the fittest riders in the AMA paddock. Now retired from professional motorcycle racing, Eric found that his passion for maintaining his fitness stayed with him.

Developing his Backmate device to help others, Eric enjoys sharing his keep-fit secrets with everyone. The following is taken from the Backmate Kickstarter campaign, and the device is now on sale to the public. Check it out here: My Backmate

Backmate by Eric Bostrom - PriceCirculation is critical:

When we train or race, you cause damage to your muscle tissue. It’s imperative to return vital nutrients to the muscles and remove the waste products of muscle metabolism. Impeded blood flow reduces the delivery of vital nutrients to the muscle and soft tissue which leads to cellular damage. Restoring blood plasma volume with hydration is a critical component of the recovery process. Additionally, with massage rolling, we can focus on overworked muscle areas to stimulate circulation throughout the body.

Reduce Inflammation and increase muscle mass:

We want to think of the inflammatory response mechanism as the building block for tissue repair in our bodies. Medication such as ibuprofen, slows this critical process. A healthy diet of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and good fats and limiting processed foods and refined sugars plays a key role in recovery and maintaining our health. Massaging tissue reduces chronic inflammation and increases protein synthesis in which the inflammatory microenvironment shifts from one that induces cellular damage to one that supports muscle growth and function.

Reduce cramping, muscle spasms and muscle tension:

Why do some cramps keep coming back during long events? Producing power for an extended period of time, your nervous system can become hyperactive. Events and training are meant to push us, but when you push to the point of cramping, using recovery tools after-the-fact will help the nervous system calm and muscle tension lessen. This can be done in a number of ways: roll/treat your muscles using a vibration roller or percussing device or do trigger point work. If cramping is a common occurrence, a regular recovery routine with your training could help break the cycle of those evil muscle spasms.

Backmate by Eric Bostrom - For SaleRange of motion:

Freedom of movement can help to create more power and keep you comfortable on the bike. We want our muscles to feel soft and supple. The same goes for our joint flexibility and, most critically, our spine mobility. Impinged nerves not only keep muscles from firing, but they also affect our internal organ function. Practicing massage care helps maintain tissue health and keeps the tissue from scarring and becoming inefficient.

Down-regulate the nervous system:

What are you doing to restore your hormone levels? The best answer here may be a good night’s rest. Each night when we go to bed, we want to think of our sleep as a nightly fine-tuning of a piano so everything is working in harmony. By reducing our stress level, whether it’s bike induced or life in general, we can sleep better and recover faster. Massaging soft tissue lowers cortisol levels and sets us on a path to a night of good sleep that will restore healthy hormone production.