Repsol Honda MotoGP Launch: Marquez, Lorenzo & RC213V in 2019 Livery

2019 Repsol Honda MotoGP launch

2019 Repsol Honda MotoGP Team Launch

The Repsol Honda MotoGP team launched its 2019 livery Wednesday in Madrid with its new rider lineup – five-time MotoGP reigning Champion Marc Marquez, and three-time Champion Jorge Lorenzo.

Together these riders have won eight of the past nine MotoGP titles.

2019 Repsol Honda MotoGP launchThe event focused on Marquez, Lorenzo and the RC213V in 2019 livery, but it was much more. This year Repsol Honda celebrates its 25th anniversary, and guests of the event included the first Repsol Honda teammates from back in 1995 – Mick Doohan and Alex Criville.

From these two riders on the Honda NSR500 of the infamous two-stroke era to the RC213V of modern MotoGP, including Dani Pedrosa who Lorenzo replaces, the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) prototypes have achieved:

  • 14 World Championships
  • 168 premier-class wins
  • 427 premier-class podiums
  • 182 fastest laps
  • 177 pole positions

2019 Repsol Honda MotoGP sittingOther milestones for the Repsol Honda team including four dominating titles for Mick Doohan; the first Spanish World Champion (Criville, 1999); and the youngest-ever MotoGP Champion Marquez (20-years old, 2013).

Marquez and the team will head to Sepang for official testing February 6-8; unfortunately Lorenzo won’t participate due to recent wrist surgery. Lorenzo is scheduled to return for Qatar testing February 23-25 and the opening race March 10.

Following are some comments from the 2019 Repsol Honda MotoGP launch in Madrid:

MarquezMarc Marquez says: “It is a privilege to be part of the family that is the Repsol Honda team. When I was young and when I watched races from the sofa at my house I wanted to be here wearing these colors.

“It was a privilege to start collaborating with Repsol and have their support in the Spanish Championship and, later, to work with them in the World Championship. And now I’m here, helping Repsol and Honda win more titles, making their history even more successful. It’s something that makes me very happy.

“When I was in Moto2 I knew that I wanted to ride for Repsol Honda and I wanted to win the MotoGP title. That’s why, when journalists ask me if I’m going to change teams, I think: why would I change if I’m already part of this incredible team? Here we are a family, the relationship with Repsol and Honda is fantastic and this is something very important for achieving our goals, year after year. I hope that by the end of 2019 we can celebrate something beautiful together.”

2019 Repsol Honda MotoGP Launch: Marquez & Lorenzo Unveil RC213V JorgeJorge Lorenzo says: “Repsol Honda are on a different level in every way. I could see it at the Valencia test, when I had many people around me listening to what I was saying. It is a dream for any rider to be part of this team. I am very demanding on myself and always try to get the best out of each situation.

“I want to repay the team for all the trust they have given me with good results. I am very proud to be on a team with as many victories and as much history as Repsol Honda. I like the bike a lot, it turns in very well and is very docile.

“In addition, the team gave me a very warm welcome from my first day here. My main objective for 2019 is, first of all, to recover one hundred percent and be able to demonstrate on track that we really are the Dream Team that people are talking about.”

Photos by Alessandro Avondo

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