Lorenzo Undergoes Successful Surgery; Will Miss Sepang MotoGP Test

Lorenzo Undergoes Successful Surgery; Will Miss Sepang MotoGP Test
Honda's Jorge Lorenzo following surgery on his left wrist (Twitter)

2019 MotoGP News: Jorge Lorenzo Wrist Surgery

While dirt training near Verona in Italy last week, Jorge Lorenzo broke another bone in his left wrist – the same wrist he injured last season while practicing at Chang International Circuit for the debut Thailand round of MotoGP.

Lorenzo injured his radius bone during that Thailand crash while competing for Ducati. Now the 31-year-old Spaniard has injured his scaphoid bone, which required immediate attention.

Lorenzo Undergoes Successful Surgery; Will Miss Sepang MotoGP Test
Honda’s Jorge Lorenzo following surgery on his left wrist (Twitter)

Repsol Honda reported that Lorenzo underwent successful surgery Monday in Barcelona where surgeons inserted a screw into his wrist.

Unfortunately the five-time World Champion’s recovery will force him to miss the Sepang MotoGP tests that are set for February 6-8.

Speaking about the surgery, MotoGP traumatologist Dr. Mir says “The scaphoid is a bone that doesn’t heal easily, and for this reason they always – not just for professional athletes but normal people, too – they now try to fix the bone with minimally invasive technique that involves passing a screw, especially made for scaphoids, so that when the injury would once have taken various months to mend, you can now begin rehabilitation in after just 10 days.”

Dr. Mir also says that this injury is not the one related to last year’s wrist injury that Lorenzo sustained in Thailand, saying “It’s interesting that it’s the same wrist.

“One this wrist he’s had two injuries, one was an injury to the radius and then an injury to the ligament next to the scaphoid. In this case it was a fracture to the scaphoid bone itself an unrelated to the previous injury.”

As for recovery, Dr. Mir will check up on Lorenzo in 10 days, and “then the idea is to make the rehabilitation more and more intensive so that he can be recovered for the Qatar test, and without a date, for the race in Qatar.”

Repsol Honda says Lorenzo will remain in the hospital for 24 hours before attending the team’s official 2019 launch Wednesday in Madrid.

Following his crash in Thailand last year – blamed on a technical problem with the Ducati Team GP18 – Lorenzo missed four of the remaining five rounds in 2018 MotoGP.

Lorenzo’s teammate, the reigning five-time MotoGP Marc Marquez, will also enter the 2019 season fresh from surgery. Marquez underwent a shoulder operation in early December.

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