Fox Flexair Gearset Review: Motocross Ready Apparel

Fox Flexair Gearset Review

Fox Flexair, plus V3 Helmet and Instinct Boots Review

Being a bigger rider, I was a bit nervous to try out the Fox Flexair gear line as I knew its purpose is geared more toward the motocross community, which means light, tight and thin materials; three things I usually avoid when choosing my next set of gear.

When I did get my hands on Fox Flexair gear, however, it immediately flipped my opinion to the opposite of what I had thought.

Fox Flexair Gearset ReviewThe compression-style jersey and pants make it some of the most comfortable gear I have put on. Although the Fox Flexair gear was snug against my body, the stretchiness of the fabrics allows it to expand to my size, without leaving me with an untucked jersey, which is the case with traditional jerseys.

Being an avid user of knee braces, as well, leaves me concerned when choosing a pant. On other pants, I always seem to have a hard time pulling my pants up, catching the braces on the insides of the pants on its internal liner. This is not the case for the Fox Flexair pants. The pants slide nicely right over my braces and I’ve never had a problem with them.

Another thing I am picky about is the fastening system of my pants. Again, being a bigger guy means you need something comfortable and durable to strap onto yourself. In the past, I’ve had problems with breaking buckles or simply not being able to get them buckled in the first place.

Fox Flexair Gearset looksFox Flexair pants separate the zipper and the buckle above onto two individual flaps, taking away the issue of not being able to buckle the pants if you can’t quite get the zipper up—which is avoided because the pants are nice and stretchy.

The overall durability of the gear has been phenomenal, as well. I have put over 25 hours of trail riding, motos and play-riding in the Fox Flexair gearset and have yet to damage it from gripping the sides of the bike, roost, falls, or any other dangers to the gear.

On top of everything else, the Fox Flexair motocross apparel is nicely ventilated for those warm days at the track, though not too ventilated to where you can’t wear it in the colder months.

The gloves are the only downfall to the Fox Flexair gearset. Although I am a huge fan of very thin gloves, they are a slip-on glove. This, in turn, makes the wrist of the glove fairly tight and a bit difficult to “slip” my meaty hand into—so much so that I tore the seam of one of the gloves putting them on one day. The gloves are great aside from the slight inconvenience of the tight opening, which is why I continue to enjoy wearing them.

Fox Flexair jersey ReviewThis was my first time wearing a Fox V3 helmet, and the initial fit was comfortable. Later, I noticed slight pressures just behind the temples resulting in, not quite a headache, just a bit of an annoyance. Of course, fit is always a personal issue with any helmet. Be sure to try a helmet on in-person and get a professional fitting. Don’t purchase a helmet online that you’ve never worn in the past.

The rest of the Fox V3 helmet is fine. The magnetic visor makes for easy cleaning in and around the mounting points. If you happen to need to replace the visor, you’re able to do so without having to mess with fasteners.

Luckily, I haven’t had the chance to test the durability and safety performance of the Fox V3 helmet, but it meets DOT and ECE 22.05 standards. It has MIPS to help protect your head from damage caused by rotational forces.

My initial impression of the Fox Instinct boots was that they are very comfortable and very flexible due to the ankle-hinge design; they feel more like a tennis shoe than a boot.

Fox Flexair Boots TestThe thing with that, though, on the MX track and when racing, they don’t offer the same kind of ankle support as some of the sturdier, stiffer boots available on the market, such as the Gaerne SG12 or Alpinestars Tech 10 boots. However, the ankle protection is there, including restrictions on the ankle hinge to prevent hyperextension injuries.

The durability of the Fox Instinct boots, however, has been much like the rest of the gear—little to no wear after 25-plus hours.

Fox allows you to wear a good-looking unified outfit from head-to-toe, with an impressive variety of colorways and special edition graphic treatments. I am most impressed by the Flexair gearset, with the V3 helmet and Instinct boots combination certainly capable of satisfying the right riders.

Action photography by Rory Dotson

Fox Flexair Jersey Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S-2XL
  • Colors: Six colorways
  • Fox Flexair Jersey Price: From $90 MSRP

Fox Flexair Gloves Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S-2XL
  • Colors: Four colorways
  • Fox Flexair Gloves Price: From $40 MSRP

Fox Flexair Pants Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 28-38
  • Color: Six colorways
  • Fox Flexair Pants Price: From $230 MSRP

Fox V3 Helmet Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Colors: Eight colorways
  • Safety certifications: DOT; ECE 22.05
  • Fox V3 Helmet Price: From $500 MSRP

Fox Instinct Boots

  • Sizes: 8-14
  • Colors: Six colorways
  • Fox Instinct Boots Price: From $549 MSRP

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