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Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro Race comfort

Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro Race Suit Review

The Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro race suit is the Italian brand’s top-tier offering for professional racers, track-day junkies, and canyon riders alike.

Loaded to the hilt with safety features, the Warrior 2 Wind Pro has plenty of trickle-down elements found on the kits worn by racers in MotoGP, WorldSBK, and MotoAmerica.

Constructed out of supple Italian cowhide 1.2-1.3mm thick, the Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro suit features fine double stitching and an attention to detail that is only rivaled by other high-end brands.

Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro Race comfort

Details such as the capped shoulder create a slimming, stylish suit, but also serve a purpose. There is no longer a seam running across a high-impact zone, and that reduces the chance of splitting during a crash.

Other elements like the neoprene V-neck collar raise the bar when it comes to one-piece suit comfort and mobility. Head movement is less restricted, thanks to the pliable neoprene collar. Also, you won’t struggle with a collar that is at odds with your neck, chaffing your Adam’s apple while looking through corners. In addition, you’ll be receiving a bit more airflow, which is appreciated at Southern California’s notoriously hot racetracks.

Spidi has struck a good balance between perforation that allows good airflow and retaining the integrity of the leather. Perforation in the chest, thighs, and arms allows for positive airflow through the suit.

Movement is another high point for the Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro, and something I’m critical of when reviewing suits. Found on the arms, elbows, lats, lower back, and knees are leather accordion stretch-panels that aid in a healthy range of motion.

When you’re on your supersport or upright-sport bike at the track and in the canyons, having that flexibility promotes a greater level of endurance because you won’t be spending surplus energy on moving in the saddle. This allows you to focus on the task at hand with fewer distractions.

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Flex Tenax Nylon 6.6 is found in ample amounts across the rear of the legs, inner-arms, and crotch. This material has great deal of abrasion resistance, and its sheer flexibility makes for a wonderfully comfortable experience.

With the Flex Tenax Nylon 6.6 running down my legs and inner arms, I didn’t experience the awkward feeling of leather bunching behind the knees or at the elbow, which becomes taxing as the day wears on. Again, the nylon is breathable, allowing greater airflow to the rider.

Where the Warrior 2 Wind Pro stands out against other standard one-piece suits is in terms of armor and protection. Spidi has taken a two-front approach, supplementing high-impact areas with internal and external armor.

Inside the shoulders and elbows sits CE Level 2 armor that moves with the rider, conforming to their body when riding or during an accident. Externally, Spidi’s proprietary low-profile Warrior armor can be found on the shoulder and elbow. The armor deflects energy away from the rider and encourages sliding should you meet the tarmac.

At the hip, we see the same two-front approach being utilized once again. Internally, CE Level 2 Force-Tech arms wrap around the rider’s hips and externally. Warrior armor deals with blunt impacts and promotes sliding in those high-risk areas.

Additionally, Spidi has gone to dual leather layers in the seat and hip regions, as these areas are the most abused areas when in a slide. This bumps up the level of protection once more. Lastly, CE Level 2 Force-Tech armor is been used in the well-padded knee sections, rounding out the armor defenses in the Warrior 2 Wind Pro.

There is still room for improvement regarding protection. Should you want to install a back-protector, a slot is available to do so, although most riders rely on a stand-alone back-protector when on track. In addition, Spidi’s CE Level 1 Warrior chest protector can be added in as an option, and we recommend you do so.

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Helping keep your Warrior 2 Wind Pro fresh is a removable and washable mesh liner. Held in with easy to use Velcro, not only does this liner keep you cool and comfortable when in the suit, but it also allows you to keep your pricey piece of kit in better condition. Non-removable liners make it difficult to treat the leather, inside and out. Also, it probably won’t be as stinky since you’ll be able to wash the liner.

The speed hump not only helps your aerodynamics when running wide open down any given straightaway, but it can also hold your favorite hydration pack; Spidi, of course, would like you to use their Hydroback system. Whether you’re racing in an endurance series or just hitting a track day in the summer, this is a nice feature that we can all appreciate.

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For those of you who enjoy dragging knees and elbows, you’ll be pleased to know that both sliders are completely replaceable. The knee slider features alignment numbers, allowing you to make sure you are slapping a fresh puck on in the same spot every time. That’s a nice feature, even if the most of us will only be dragging elbow when we’re also dragging hip, back, arm, boot, and bike.

The Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro race suit offers up professional-level protection and is ready to tackle a race, track day, or spirited jaunt in the canyons. With plenty of thoughtful features aimed at comfort, the Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro’s attention to detail, level of quality, and essential protection means you’re getting a whole lot of bang for the buck.

Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro Race Suit Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 46-60 Euro
  • Colors: Red/Light Blue; Black/Red; Black/White
  • Spidi Warrior 2 Wind Pro Race Suit Price: $1700 MSRP

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