VnM Sport Compression Top and Pant Review

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VnM Sport Compression Base Layer Motorcycle Apparel Review

VnM Sport is a rider/racer owned and operated outfit, based out of Northern California with one goal in mind—producing high-quality compression base layers for amateur sport riders and professionals alike.

The benefits of using base layers come in the form of increased comfort and endurance, allowing you to remain focused in the canyons, at your track day, or through a grueling summer race.

VnM Sport Compression Top and Pant Review

VnM Sport compression gear—men’s and women’s compression tops, plus a unisex compression pant—is constructed out of a stretchable fabric designed to dry quickly, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable while in your leathers.

When I’m in a full kit and in the canyons or on track, I tend to come back drenched in perspiration. In Southern California, where ambient temperatures encroach into the triple digits, having a base layer that wicks away sweat and keeps me from feeling clammy in my suit is an important aid.

When you’ve opted for a sweat soaked cotton shirt and underwear, your suit will not move with you when riding. It will bind up—a frustrating and distracting prospect, indeed.

Due to the sweat-wicking properties of the VnM Sport base layers, this isn’t an issue. Outside of that, it will also allow you to manage body temperature much better, as you will no longer be swimming in a proverbial pool of your own sweat.

The fabric’s honeycomb structure attracts fluid, drawing it from your skin. Couple that with its fast-drying properties and it makes for a compelling fabric choice when talking about performance base layers. On hot days at the track, soak down the layer before your session and it will provide an extra cooling effect once you get in the wind.

Interestingly, these compression base layers carry a Lycra Sport certification. The compression aspect of this garment isn’t just meant to pull in unsightly guts at the track; it helps with muscle fatigue and recovery after the ride. These garments were designed to have a tight, nonrestrictive fit. It’s crucial to the recovery aspect of VnM gear.

Current research suggests that athletes making use of compression gear when training or competing will have faster recovery times and feel decreased signs of muscle soreness. In my case, I’ve begun to rely on the VnM Sport compression base layers for just about every ride, even if I won’t be dawning a leather suit.

Perhaps the largest singular advantage that VnM Sport compression base layers have over competitors is the cut and attention to detail specifically designed for riding.

VnM Sport Compression pant

In areas such as the rear of the knee, back, or armpits, soft mesh has been used to reduce binding and increase mobility. This aspect has a distinct advantage over cheaper base layers I used when I first started riding, as it helps reducing chaffing in more sensitive areas of the body.

Aiding that anti-chaffing cause is the seamless stitching that is used in areas that are not prone to irritation. Instead of having a seam running through your armpit, as a standard t-shirt does, the seam make a wide birth of that region to reduce irritation.

Sun protection is an important part of riding and a tube of sunscreen will be found in any well-prepared rider’s bag or side case. The VnM Sport gear is rated at SPF 50+. That matters most on the neck, which is typically exposed.

In practice, this helped shade the rear of my neck to a much greater degree. When you’ve planned a multiple day track outing or have a race weekend, every little advantage in comfort will help, as nobody is a fan of sensitive sunburned skin. Coupled with a bit of sunscreen to protect exposed bits of skin, I was well protected.

Another nifty feature is the silicone gripper waistband. Unlike lesser two-piece base layers that will move or begin the agonizing crawl down your waist, constantly making you hike them up, the silicone gripper keeps the compression pants where they should be.

VnM Sport currently produces its Compression Top in a male and female cut, so female riders need not worry about squeezing into an ill-fitting men’s garment. The Unisex Compression pant is available in XS to XXL, so you’ll most likely be able to get a matching set.

The VnM Compression apparel is safe for machine washing, but should be air-dried to ensure longevity of your garment. At the track, you can whip them under the sink with a bit of laundry detergent and give them a quick wash. In a short while, they will be dry and ready to go for the following day.

Here at Ultimate Motorcycling we fully understand the excitement of a fresh set of leathers—we too get wrapped up in the moment. However, it improves the experience to have the important items that go along with it.

When gearing up for your next track day, be sure invest in a quality set of base layers that will help you stay focused on the bike and improve your comfort. We’re fans of the VnM Sport Compression Top and Pant combination and it’s become a staple piece of gear when headed off to the canyons or track.

For ordering information, visit VnM Sport’s Facebook page or website.

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