Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots Review | Women’s Motorcycle Boots

The contrasting color on the rear shin of the Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP is a nice touch, as are the reflective inserts across the back of the upper heel. They provide a bit of safety when riding after hours.

The rubber sole and heel of the boot have a non-slip tread pattern, an important feature that comes into play both on and off the bike. The sole keeps your feet from slipping off the footpegs—especially in wet conditions—as well as making it possible to plant your foot securely at a stop, or to get traction to maneuver or backup the bike. These are all safety issues, and not just peace of mind.

Giving a symmetrical look to the Tempest Lady D-WP boots, there is a matching non-slip TPU toe protector on the right boot, as well as the left, and feel at the foot shifter is quite good.

Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots price

With a waterproof, yet breathable, membrane, the Tempest Lady Ds do a very good job of keeping my feet dry without being stuffy. However, when temperatures climb high in the summer, these boots work best on shorter rides with lightweight socks.

Although the Dainese Tempest Lady boots do not appear to be highly technical—they are definitely more about comfort than track day— the boots have a CE Level 1 tag and meet the EN13634 standards for protective motorcycle boots.

One of the most comfortable commuter boots I’ve worn, Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP women’s motorcycle boots look great and take care of the daily chore of keeping a lady’s feet protected while riding.

Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 36-40
  • Colors: Black/Fluo Yellow; Black/Red; Black/Carbon
  • Dainese Tempest Lady D-WP Boots: $230 MSRP

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