30 Years of Success: 1987 – 2017: 54 World Titles

Thirty years ago at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Aprilia claimed its first-ever Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing win. The year was 1987 (August), and the winner was Loris Reggiani while racing in the former 250cc two-stroke class.

This prompted an Aprilia celebration Thursday at Misano ahead of round 13 in 2017 MotoGP.

Aprilia Celebrates 30th Anniversary of First GP Win at Misano
Loris Reggiani and the 250 Aprilia

Reggiani’s win would be the first of 294 for Aprilia across all classes, which resulted in 38 Grand Prix titles. Across all disciplines of motorcycle racing, including World Superbike and off-road, Aprilia has claimed 54 World Titles.

Also celebrating the history was FMI – Federazione Motociclistica Italiana, which awarded Aprilia at Misano Thursday in memory of that first world championship win. It is a tribute to a victorious technical and sports history that has trained extraordinary generations of riders and technicians.

Giovanni Copioli, Chairman of FMI – Federazione Motociclistica Italiana, says: “As FMI, we are proud to celebrate this anniversary, Aprilia’s first world championship triumph, earned by no less than an Italian rider, Loris Reggiani, and right here in Misano.

“The purpose of this recognition is to pay due homage to an Italian Manufacturer which, beginning from that win, has brought home countless victories, earning an impressive number of titles and holding Italian motorcycling high. I am certain that Aprilia will soon continue this winning tradition, given their efforts and growth in the premier class.”

Romano Albesiano, Aprilia Racing Manager, also commented: “Looking back on Aprilia’s first win today traces back over an extraordinary, all Italian heritage of victories. That fantastic performance by Loris Reggiani was the first step in a chain of 294 wins and 38 Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing Titles which are joined by 7 World Superbike Championship Titles and our off-road successes.

“Today, Aprilia Racing represents the most technologically advanced spearhead of the Piaggio Group with the goal, on the track, of bringing home those wins in the premier category that are missing from our collection of trophies, while continuing to mold technicians and extraordinary skills, persevering on that journey that we began thirty years ago.”