2017 France ISDE Day 2 Results

As Team USA continues to struggle after its rider, Husqvarna pilot Thad Duvall suffered a wrist energy on day one, forcing him to retire, Team France continues to dominate the 2017 FIM International Six Days Enduro.

Team France (Jeremy Tarroux, Sherco; Loic Larrieu, Yamaha; Christophe Charlier, Husqvarna; Christophe Nambotin, KTM) was untouchable Tuesday during 2017 France ISDE Day 2.

2017 France ISDE Day 2 Results: KTM's Christophe Nambotin
France’s Christophe Nambotin (KTM)

When the 155-mile day run on the same course as Monday was complete, Team France extended its lead to 4:19 over Team Australia (Matthew Phillips, Sherco; Daniel Sanders, KTM; Daniel Milner, KTM; Joshua Green, Yamaha).

Finland is now in third, 5:49 behind Team France.