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Ultimate/JETT Tuning Track Event Sign Up Tuesday October 2, 2018

Buttonwillow Test Event & BBQ

Tuesday October 2, 2018

Questions? Please email us or call John at (805) 482-4192


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Please email or call John Ethell at
(805) 482-4192  



Oct 2

Oct 2

Oct 2







Our track event is limited to just 80 riders total, so the track is relatively clear. In addition, we do not run a ‘C’ group–the third/last 20-minute session each hour is an ‘Open’ session where riders from either ‘A’ or ‘B’ group can ride. That essentially means you could ride for 40 minutes every hour if you have the energy! In practice, it means you can afford to try a test bike, or only ride a half session if you want to pace yourself, as you have plenty of track availability every hour.

The pace at our event, even in the A group is slightly more modest than a typical track day. Typically we don’t have racers attend; your fellow riders are usually ordinary folk out for a day of serious fun. So we take care of our novices or those a little less confident on track; other riders are respectful and will not startle you. In addition we have professional instructors from Jake Zemke (one-on-one) Riding Development to help guide and advise you–all you have to do is ask for their help! YCRS instructors will also hold classroom sessions earlier in the day to help familiarize you with Buttonwillow.

Are you looking to buy a new bike? Let’s face it… street test rides–if you can get one–don’t cut it. The best way to decide if you want to BUY it… is to RIDE it!

Manufacturers and local dealers will be bringing test bikes for you to try if you’re considering buying a new bike.
Note: As manufacturers/dealers confirm machines they will be bringing this page will be updated.
Test motorcycle brands–some models TBD:

Important Reminder:

Please remember to bring your license (with motorcycle endorsement) and your current motorcycle insurance if you want to ride test machines. Our insurance only allows licensed and insured riders to demo ride bikes.

Other Vendors

Our friends at Caliphotography will be taking pictures as usual, so please make sure you check them out during and after the event for any pictures you may want!

For those wanting to stay overnight (not camping at the track) the Best Western in Wasco (about 25 mins away) is offering a 15% discount. Simply call the hotel direct (NOT the 800 number) and ask for the Ultimate/JETT Tuning track day discount.

TEL: (661) 758-1111

 Questions? please email us or call John at (805) 482-4192

Oct 2

Oct 2

Oct 2







Please go to the next page to download the Waiver Form


Waiver of Liability Download

If you have registered for our track event you will need to sign in (at the Buttonwillow cafe) when you arrive; registration opens at 6:30am.


To help things go a little quicker please click the button below to download our Waiver of Liability, and either sign and return it to trackday@ultimatemotorcycling.com or bring it with you on the day. Thank you!

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Yes, we have some fast guys!

Monday October 1, 2018

4:00 pm +    …………  Track arrivals.
Note: This is for parking overnight. Vendor placements will be organized in the morning on Friday.

6:00 pm +    …………  BBQ begins.
Note : All are welcome! If you do NOT bring your own food and want dinner then we charge $20 a plate. Please book as soon as possible so we have an idea of numbers!

8:00 pm       …………  Brief introduction to the following day’s events.

Tuesday October 2, 2018

6:30 am +     …………  Registration (cafe) and Tech Inspection open.
Note: All riders must sign in to ensure waivers received and to get helmet stickers etc.

8:00       …………  Riders Meeting (compulsory). Includes introduction and short Q&A with Dunlop Q4 engineer.

9:00       …………  TRACK GOES LIVE: ‘A’ Group

9:20       …………  ‘B’ Group TRACK Session
Note: This first ‘B’ group session will have a lead/follow confidence-builder format.

9:40       …………  ‘OPEN’ TRACK Session 

10:00 – 12:00       …………  TRACK Sessions
Note: ‘A’ group top of each hour; ‘B’ group 20 mins after each top of hour; ‘Open’ session at 20 minutes to top of each hour.

12:00 – 1:00       …………  LUNCH
Sponsored by Dunlop Q4

12:30       …………  Sweepstakes drawings and giveaways (Cafe patio area)
Note: Winners must be present at the drawing!

1:00 – 4:00       …………  TRACK re-opens starting with ‘A’ Group

3:40 – 4:00       …………  FINAL TRACK session (‘Open’)

4:00       …………  TRACK closes

Nate Kern & Jake Zemke