Evolution of GIVI USA – 20 Years in the Making

Evolution of GIVI USA – 20 Years in the Making

Evolution of GIVI USA – 20 Years in the MakingOur friends at GIVI want to celebrate their 20th anniversary, so here are a few words from the brand that has been dedicated to improving your adventures out on two-wheels for the past two-decades.

This month GIVI USA Inc. celebrates 20 years of bringing great riding products to the USA.

We want to say “Thanks for the Ride” to all our dealers and customers. 1996 to 2016 has seen many changes for us; growth, dynamics, technology & riding needs.

From the basic designed polypropylene scooter topcases and highway panniers of 1996, to stylish and sturdy aluminum adventure touring systems of 2016.

Our products have evolved through the last 20 years along with your riding needs…

Does anyone remember the E40 topcase with built in backrest, and the rugged E36 side cases (now a classic in style)?

They evolved into the luxurious V56 GIVI flagship case, with all the bells and whistles, the largest motorcycle top trunk yet to be molded and produced by GIVI, and the impressive adventure touring OBK Outback series; by way of the TRK Trekker series (part polypropylene, part aluminum!)

Back in 1996 our catalog offered just 10 case solutions, 1 sport tank bag (in 3 different colors), 3 kinds of mounting hardware (rugged but unique), and 3 lines of windshields.

Fast forward to 2016.

The 2016 catalog now offers;

  • At least 28 case styles and sizes, in both polypropylene and aluminum construction
  • 7 ranges of soft luggage (with an average of 6 products per range)
  • Multiple hardware styles, in multiple materials and finishes, both removable and fixed
  • An extensive list of replacement and universal windshields
  • Plus, helmets, mudguards, hand protectors, engine guards & many more

It has been a great development which has taken the GIVI USA distribution from its origin of 9,000 sq ft in Charlotte NC to 41,000 sq ft expansion across the country into Reno NV.

Thanks again to all our customers and dealers, we hope for another 20 great years in the making, and appreciate you being part of our journey. Be sure to follow all of GIVI’s exploits on Facebook and Instagram!


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