World Wheelie Championship 2016 | Set for August!

World Wheelie Championship 2016 | Set for August!

World Wheelie Championship 2016

World Wheelie Championship 2016 | UKEver since people began riding motorcycles, they have been figuring out how to wheelie. For those of you who are UK based, you can finally put a trophy on the mantle next to your “Legalize Wheelies” hoodie.

Kicking off on August 20 and running through the 21 at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England, the World Wheelie Championship will allow you to put your skills to the test.

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The World Wheelie Championship has been put together by Straightliners, a UK-based motorsports event outfit that caters to drag racing. With over 20 years in the business, Straightliners has been hosting events where people can come together and test the limits of their machines in controlled environments.

It all got started in the 80s, when Trever Duckworth got the ball rolling. Duckworth knows a bit about drag-racing as a former UK drag-racing champ, but since that time, he’s focused on seeking new challenges in the form of breaking records. He has over 21 world and 30 national British motorcycle-related records. He’s also had a hand in some pretty interesting records over the years, some of which include:

  • Part of the team that helped actor Idris Elba break Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1927 mile record for Discovery Channel
  • Helping with blind Scotsman Stuart Gunn break the speed record for disabled motorbike riders
  • He supervised an event that saw a bus powered by biomethane via cow manure has set a land speed record in conjunction with Reading Buses
  • Building the world’s fastest toilet in conjunction with Paul Cumpstone
  • Helping a funeral director smash the world land speed record for a motorcycle with side-car hearse

World Wheelie Championship 2016 | Set for August!Some of those sound Monty Python inspired but the World Wheelie Championship is about one thing: Wheelies. Here is breakdown of the rules, as described by the organizers:

  1. The wheelie must lift (start) before and land (finish) after the measured kilometer.
  2. The wheelie must be continuous, as in no front wheel contact with the ground whilst inside the kilometer.
  3. Your speed is measured at the end of the kilometer by ground mounted fixed timing equipment, as used by the even marshals.
  4. Radar guns are not acceptable as a speed measure.
  5. The kilometer length is policed so as to confirm compliance of the continuous wheelie.
  6. Trackside marshals will use the word ‘’fail’’ to cancel any incomplete runs.
  7. The motorcycle must have no electronic or mechanical ‘’aids’’ that can assist the rider, as in balance devices.

It’s worth noting that these riders won’t be crawling along, trying to keep their front wheels up, quite the contrary really. The World Wheelie Championship is about doing things with speed as shown by Jarrod “Jack” Frost, who set a record of 172 while up on the rear wheel.

So there you have it. If you want to wheelie up to the rev limiter in sixth gear, and get a cool trophy in the process, you’ll have to fly over to England and spend some time on an old RAF base…which doesn’t sound all that bad, really.

For more information, check out the Straightliners event website.