Jeff Emig Named Husqvarna Brand Ambassador

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Emig Named Husqvarna Brand Ambassador

Jeff Emig Husqvarna #47
Monster Energy AMA Supercross commentator Jeff Emig has been named Brand Ambassador by Husqvarna. The 1997 AMA Supercross Champion, a three-time AMA National Motocross Champion, and a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, Emig’s Brand Ambassador focus will be on his role in the new United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA).

The USMCA, a non-profit organization, “is aimed at lowering the barriers to entry for new motorcyclists, enhancing the safety of riders, setting standards of best practices and raising the overall level of professionalism in the motorcycle industry,” according to a Husqvarna spokesman.

Having won his Supercross championship and his two 250 AMA National Motocross Championships on a 250cc two-stroke, Emig is enthusiastic about riding Husqvarna’s all-new 2017 TC 250 motocross race bike.

“Husqvarna has such a rich heritage in motorcycling and I am proud to be a part of the brand moving forward,” Emig said. “ Now, with the formation of the US Motorcycle Coaching Association, it gives me a great opportunity to contribute to the future of the sport that I love so much—not to mention, what blast it was to jump on the all new TC 250 two-stroke!”

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Mark Blackwell, the Acting President of the USMCA, said, “We are thrilled to have Jeff partner with Husqvarna Motorcycles as Brand Ambassador. His enthusiasm for this iconic, pioneering brand is tremendous. I am especially excited about his enthusiasm for the USMCA initiative and believe his support will be very helpful as the word of this effort spreads and gains support and momentum.”

“My passion for motorcycles aligns perfectly with Husqvarna,” Emig also said, “so I’m looking forward to working together with Husqvarna and creating a better future for the new riders to come.”

Photos by Simon Cudby

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