Guy Martin Sets Wall of Death World Record | Video

Guy Martin Sets Wall of Death World Record | Video

Guy Martin Sets Wall of Death World Record

The Isle of Man TT is reserved for only the mad racers - the motorcyclists who are driven by the ultimate rush of ever-changing conditions on a real road for 37.73 miles. A dollop of rock in the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man TT has continued to create legends, from all-time TT record holder Joey Dunlop (26 TT wins) to the man who is seeking to break that record, 23-time TT winner John McGuinness.

Then there’s the reputed fan favorite with 15 podiums at the TT - though no wins - Guy Martin. The 34-year-old diesel mechanic of Grimsby, England, works on big rigs to earn a living, but also pushes sportbikes to the limits at the TT and other international road races that most others wouldn’t dream of racing, such as the Ulster GP and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

But Martin always seems to take things one step further to please himself - and leagues of fans around the world. His latest feat was breaking the World Record for fastest speed on the Wall of Death, a circle built of boards that has been a show stopper at various events around the world since the early 1900s.

Guy Martin Sets Wall of Death World Record | Video

The previous top speed at the Wall of Death was around 60 mph - something seriously maniacal. But Martin took this beyond maniacal with his first world record attempt on a 130-foot diameter Wall of Death with a 380-foot circumference - 70.33 mph. This wasn’t fast enough; he continued to push and achieved an even better new record aboard a self-built 750cc, three-cylinder BSA-based motorcycle with 85 horsepower - 78.15 mph.

En route, Martin hit 5.3 Gs on the bike with a chassis built for a bit more flex on the bumpy, wooden circuit; to put the Gs into perspective, Formula 1 cars are capable of 6 Gs, but usually average 3-5.

Before the record attempt on the custom bike, Martin spent some time practicing aboard a customized Indian Scout.

As for this year’s Isle of Man TT, Martin will not be present; for the first time in 11 he will miss the iconic race due to competing in the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race.

Above is a video from North One Television in the UK. Enjoy!


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