BMW Head-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas

BMW Head-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas
BMW Head-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet

BMW Head-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet

BMW Head-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas
BMW Head-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet

BMW Motorrad has unveiled its latest innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that runs through Jan. 8, 2016. BMW has presented a head-up motorcycle helmet display, which will set new standards of motorcycle safety.

Head-up display helmet places road information in your sights.
 As most riders know, danger is only a fraction of a second away. In 2003, BMW became the first European automobile manufacturer to introduce a head-up display as optional equipment for BMW automobiles.

The BMW head-up display motorcycle helmet projects necessary or desirable traffic or vehicle information directly into the rider’s field of view, allowing him or her to maintain focus on the road while simultaneously being aware of other riding facets. While automobiles have made great use of this technology, motorcycles appear to be at greatest benefit. Often, a quick glance at the dashboard or GPS can result in nerve-wracking moments when out on two-wheels and this technology aims to eliminate that.

All displays are freely programmable; ideally, to provide the best-possible support for rider safety, only information that is helpful and relevant to the rider’s environmental situation is displayed.

The BMW Motorrad display options comprise safety-relevant information, for instance data relating to the technical status of the motorcycle, such as: Tire pressure, oil level, fuel level, travel speed, selected gear, speed limit and road sign recognition, plus warnings of impending dangers will greet users of this technology.

In the near future V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication, it may also be possible to display information in real time, for example giving warning for impending hazards, as well as warning riders in the vicinity.

BMW Head-Up Display Motorcycle Helmet featuresMoreover, the head-up display also allows the visualization of content designed to increase rider comfort. No more fumbling with gloves on the side of the road when lost, however, we’d argue that some of the best adventures are into those unknown roads.

The BMW helmet with head-up display also offers interesting possibilities for making the highly emotional experience of motorcycle riding even more intensive and at the same time safer. For instance, an action camera pointing forwards, located inside the helmet, can record video footage of the journey directly from the helmet.

A second camera oriented towards the rear could at some point in the future perform the function of a “digital rear-view mirror.” And last but not least, this technology also enables the visualization of other riders in a motorcycle group. This enables the rider to see where his companions are at any given moment and after the fact for those pesky insurance situations.

The helmet, which is also fitted with an integrated mini-computer and loudspeakers, is controlled from the left-hand handlebar fittings using the BMW Motorrad multi-controller. As well as operating the camera, allowing the rider to manipulate a myriad of settings without removing his or her hands from the controls.

The necessary information display technology can be integrated in existing helmets, without affecting either wearer comfort or rider safety and has an operational time of roughly five hours.

BMW Motorrad hopes to develop this innovative technology to series-production level within the next few years, once again striving for rider safety on all fronts of motorcycling.

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