Nicky Hayden Crash; Breaks Thumb Ahead of Aragon MotoGP

Nicky Hayden Crash; Breaks Ahead of Aragon MotoGP
Nicky Hayden

Nicky Hayden Crash ahead of Aragon Grand Prix

Nicky Hayden Crash; Breaks Ahead of Aragon MotoGP
Nicky Hayden

As Nicky Hayden continues to struggle aboard the Aspar MotoGP Team Honda, the 34-year-old Kentuckian has suffered another setback.

The sole American in all of Grand Prix motorcycle racing recently broke his thumb during a mini-moto crash while training in Italy - just ahead of this weekend’s Aragon Grand Prix - round 14 of 2015 MotoGP. Hayden usually flies back to the states between MotoGP rounds, but remained in Italy after the San Marino Grand Prix to complete some training.

Unfortunately, during the wreck Hayden broke his right thumb. The 2006 MotoGP Champion, who last finished on the podium in 2011 (Jerez, Ducati), is confident he will compete at Aragon, but won’t know for sure until practice. The right hand is crucial for MotoGP, and the worst hand to injure considering it controls braking and throttle.

Hayden initially had luck at Aragon, which joined the MotoGP schedule in 2010; he finished third in the track's debut year. But he suffered a huge crash there in 2012. As for his performance on the open-class Honda, he finished ninth at Aragon last season during a rainy MotoGP.

“Aragon is next, it's quite a unique track with a lot of elevation and it's quite technical, with some blind entries and downhill braking. It's certainly not an easy track and I haven't made it any easier this year because I had a little accident training on mini motos in Italy and broke my thumb,” Hayden says.

“I have seen the doctors and had the scans and I am optimistic I'll still be able to race but we will have to see on Friday how I feel. Unfortunately it's the right thumb, which is always a little bit worse, but I have been doing a lot of therapy in the last days and I definitely feel a bit better. We weren't having an easy season as it is and this won't make it easier but injuries are as much a part of this game as finding a set-up for your bike! Hopefully we can go there and still have a positive weekend.”

After 13 of 18 rounds in 2015 MotoGP, Hayden has only accumulated 12 points. At San Marino, the "Kentucky Kid" finished 17th.


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