2015 Classic TT Formula 2 Results & Photo Gallery

2015 Classic TT Formula 2 Results | Yamaha’s Kneen Dominates
Yamaha’s Dan Kneen

The 2015 Classic TT at the iconic Isle of Man TT Mountain Course wrapped up this week, and just like in the Classic TT 500cc and Formula 1 races, records were broken in the 2015 Classic TT Formula 2 event.

Winning the race was Yamaha’s Ryan Kneen, who earned the win by over 12 seconds of Peter Berwick Yamaha’s James Cowton.

Kneen broke the old lap record on the opening lap with a time of 112.763/20:04.539 which Cowton went inside on his second lap with 113.232mph/19:59.560, the first sub 20-minute lap for the Classic TT F2 Class. Kneen’s second lap of 112.890/20:03.192 was also inside his lap one time, official reports says.

Kneen continued to power round the Mountain Course and came home in 1:21.13.592/ 111.481 which included a last lap of 113.075, his fastest of the race, to finish almost 12 seconds ahead of Cowton (1:21.25.526/ 111.208j). Consolation for Cowton in finishing runner up came with his last lap, the fastest of the race, a new lap record for the F2 Classic TT Class of 113.458/ 19:57.162.

Earning the final podium was EPS Motorcycles Yamaha’s Charles Ryhs Hardisty, taking top privateer honors. Hardisty was followed by Yamaha’s Chris Moore, Obsession Engineering Yamaha’s David Hewson and Anderson Race Developments Shaun Anderson.

Rounding out the top 10 at the 2015 Classic TT Formula 2 race were FCL Racing Yamaha’s Tom Snow, Howard Racing’s Steven Howard, RMKD Racing Kawasaki’s Nick Anderson and Adrian Morris Racing Yamaha’s Adrian Morris.

Photos by Wayne Freestone

2015 Classic TT Formula 2 Results – Photo Gallery