Justin Bogle Seeks Better 450 Results at Ironman National

Justin Bogle Seeks Better 450 Results at Ironman National
Honda's Justin Bogle

Bogle to Ironman National on Honda CRF450R

Justin Bogle Seeks Better 450 Results at Ironman National
Honda’s Justin Bogle

GEICO Honda 450 rider Justin Bogle is ready to show the motocross world what he can do during the Ironman National on Saturday at Ironman Raceway, Crawfordsville, Ind., in what is the season-finale for the Pro Motocross series.

Bogle has learned a lot in his first two races aboard the Honda CRF450R, but the 2014 250 East Supercross Series champion wants more.

“My bike is incredible; it’s a rocket ship,” Bogle said. “I showed that I can run up there with those guys, but it has been tough coming off the bench into the big-boy class. I like the bike a lot; the Honda 450 is a fun bike. I just have to keep coming out stronger and get myself stronger and come into next weekend a little more prepared.”

Bogle has shown flashes of speed in his return from injury, running up front in all four motos he has contested on the 450, but he continues to rebuild his well-known fitness level as he competes against the world’s best.

“The finishes in Unadilla and Utah weren’t what I wanted, for sure,” Bogle said. “I know I have the speed in the bike, but it’s a matter of finishing it out. Hopefully, we can do that in Indiana.”

Bogle finished 11th in the Ironman National race a year ago aboard a 250, but that race was contested under a steady downpour. Bogle, for one, is hopeful a repeat of the “mudder” won’t happen in 2015. The current forecast calls for a 20 percent chance of rain, typical of an Indiana summer day.

“Indy should be good,” Bogle said. “I have only ridden there in the complete downpour mudfest (last year). It will be exciting to see what that track is all about, and hopefully it stays dry.”