Justin Bogle on GEICO Honda 450 Bike for Final 3 Races

Justin Bogle on GEICO Honda 450 Bike for Final 3 Races
GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle

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Justin Bogle on GEICO Honda 450 Bike for Final 3 Races
GEICO Honda’s Justin Bogle

Justin Bogle will make his debut aboard a GEICO Honda 450cc motorcycle at the Red Bull Unadilla National on Saturday at Unadilla Motocross.

Bogle is coming back from a shoulder injury and will race the 450 bike vacated by Eli Tomac earlier this season. Bogle will race in the 450 class for the final three Pro Motocross events of 2015.

“It’s a cool opportunity for me,” Justin Bogle said. “I’ve been working the whole time I was hurt, trying to make the most out of each opportunity each day that I have here to prepare. It’s going to be tough coming off the bench, but I’m very confident in myself and what I can do. I’m excited to put that GEICO Honda up there and try to mix it up with the guys in the big class. It should be fun, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Bogle won the 250 East Series Supercross championship in 2014 and finished second in the class this year. He sustained a shoulder injury in the season-opening motocross race in Hangtown and has missed the last eight races.

“Health-wise I’m banged up a little bit, but I’ll be all right,” Justin Bogle said. “I’m going in with no real expectations. I’m just hoping to put my name up in the mix and do as well as I can. I know if I do that, I’ll be satisfied.”

Tomac won the first five motos and the first two races of the season aboard the 450 bike before a crash ended his season.

“He had that bike working very well,” Justin Bogle said. “I’m very excited about that; the bike is awesome. I’m just getting set up with the race program to come into the 450 class for my debut. Unadilla has been good to me in the past, so it’s a good one to make my return at, for sure.

“I’m going to do my thing and see what happens. Let’s see where I end up after the weekend and we’ll go from there.”