Sachsenring Moto3 2015 Results | Kent’s Runaway Victory

Sachsenring Moto3 2015 Results | Kent’s Runaway Victory
Danny Kent leads at Sachsenring Moto3

Sachsenring Moto3 2015 Results & Recap

Sachsenring Moto3 2015 Results | Kent’s Runaway Victory
Danny Kent leads at Sachsenring Moto3

Nobody could remotely touch Danny Kent at Sachsenring Moto3 2015. The British pilot had a perfect weekend, leading all free practice sessions, qualifying and all 27 laps of the race.

This was the Leopard Racing pilot’s fifth victory of the season. He also claimed his third pole of the season at Sachsenring Moto3 2015. Joining Kent on the Sachsenring Moto3 2015 podium were teammate Efren Vazquez and Gresini Racing Team Moto3’s Enea Bastianini, respectively.

Kent’s victory at Sachsenring Moto3 2015 was a historic one, also; he became the first British rider to win a lightweight-class (125cc/Moto3) Grand Prix at the German circuit since Dave Simmonds won around the original road circuit in 1969. Kent’s also the first Honda rider to win a lightweight-class GP in Germany since Marco Melandri won the 125cc GP at the Sachsenring in 1999.

“I didn’t have a great start, the first few laps I was sliding a bit, but the tire got better after about 5 laps. We’ve been strong all weekend which gave me great confidence and I knew I had a chance to pull away. I’m really happy to get another win and extend our championship lead,” Kent says.

And a good win it was – Kent, who finished third last time out at Assen Moto3, immediately opened a gap from the outset of Sachsenring Moto3 2015, eventually finishing 7.554 seconds ahead of Vazque, and 9.603 ahead of Bastianini.

After losing a battle with Bastianini for the final podium, SKY Racing Team VR46 – a team owned by MotoGP points leader Valentino Rossi – finished in fourth ahead of Ongetta-Rivacold’s Niccolo Antonelli.

Rounding out the top 10 at Sachsenring Moto3 2015 were Jorge Navarro (Estrella Galicia 0,0), Brad Binder (Red Bull KTM Ajo) in 7th. Alexis Masbou (SaxoPrint RTG), Andrea Locatelli (Gresini Racing Team Moto3) and Niklas Ajo (RBA Racing Team).

Quartararo was bumped up to the front row for the Sachsenring Moto3 2015 start despite qualifying in 4th, since Enea Bastianini’s penalty knocked him down the grid. Eleven Moto3 riders had their start positions moved due to penalties given for riding slow close to the racing line during qualifying. However Quartararo’s race ended early when he high sided coming out of the final corner (turn 13) with 21 laps still to go, thankfully escaping uninjured, MotoGP reports.

Hiroki Ono (Leopard Racing) crashed out on the first lap. Francesco Bagnaia (Mapfre Team Mahindra) also retired from the race after his bike cut out due to unidentified technical problems. The German wild card rider Maximilian Kappler (SaxoPrint RTG) crashed out of the race at turn 10, ending a difficult weekend in which he was also taken out by Danny Kent during qualifying practice, MotoGP reports.

After nine of 18 rounds, Kent has 190 points, 76 ahead of Bastianini.

Sachsenring Moto3 2015 Results:

1Danny Kent39’29.359GBRHONDALeopard Racing
2Efren Vazquez7.554ESPHONDALeopard Racing
3Enea Bastianini9.603ITAHONDAJunior Team Gresini Moto3
4Romano Fenati9.629ITAKTMSKY Racing Team VR46
5Niccolo Antonelli9.664ITAHONDAOngetta-Rivacold
6Jorge Navarro9.807ESPHONDAEstrella Galicia 0’0
7Brad Binder9.837ZAFKTMRed Bull KTM Ajo
8Alexis Masbou10.266FRAHONDASAXOPRINT Racing Team Germany
9Andrea Locatelli10.352ITAHONDAJunior Team Gresini Moto3
10Niklas Ajo11.558FINKTMRBA Racing Team
11Philipp Oettl11.777GERKTMSchedl GP Racing
12Jorge Martin18.416ESPMAHINDRAMapfre Aspar Team Moto3
13Karel Hanika18.426BRNOKTMRed Bull KTM Ajo
14Jakub Kornfeil28.782CZEKTMSepang International Circuit
15Jules Danilo28.892FRAHONDAOngetta-Rivacold
16Livio Loi28.958BELHONDARW Racing GP
17John McPhee29.218SCOHONDASAXOPRINT Racing Team Germany
18Isaac Viñales29.478ESPHUSQVARNAHusqvarna Factory Laglisse
19Zulfahmi Khairuddin29.750SEPANGKTMSepang International Circuit
20Darryn Binder45.844AFRMAHINDRAOutox Reset Drink Team
21Andrea Migno46.658ITAKTMSKY Racing Team VR46
22Stefano Manzi46.780ITAMAHINDRASan Carlo Team Italia
23Remy Gardner46.840AUSMAHINDRACIP
24Alessandro Tonucci46.965ITAMAHINDRAOutox Reset Drink Team
25Matteo Ferrari47.339ITAMAHINDRASan Carlo Team Italia
26Gabriel Rodrigo1’06.125ESPKTMRBA Racing Team

2015 Moto3 Point Standings (after nine of 19 rounds):

1Danny Kent190 ptsGBRHONDALeopard Racing
2Enea Bastianini124 ptsITAHONDAJunior Team Gresini Moto3
3Miguel Oliveira105 ptsPortugueseKTMRed Bull KTM Ajo
4Romano Fenati99 ptsITAKTMSKY Racing Team VR46
5Efren Vazquez96 ptsESPHONDALeopard Racing
6Brad Binder75 ptsZAFKTMRed Bull KTM Ajo
7Fabio Quartararo74 ptsFRAHONDAEstrella Galicia 0’0
8Isaac Viñales64 ptsESPHUSQVARNAHusqvarna Factory Laglisse
9Niccolo Antonelli60 ptsITAHONDAOngetta-Rivacold
10Francesco Bagnaia55 ptsITAMAHINDRAMapfre Aspar Team Moto3
11Jorge Navarro50 ptsESPHONDAEstrella Galicia 0’0
12Alexis Masbou41 ptsFRAHONDASAXOPRINT Racing Team Germany
13John McPhee34 ptsSCOHONDASAXOPRINT Racing Team Germany
14Andrea Locatelli28 ptsITAHONDAJunior Team Gresini Moto3
15Karel Hanika26 ptsBrnoKTMRed Bull KTM Ajo
16Jakub Kornfeil21 ptsCZEKTMSepang International Circuit
17Philipp Oettl21 ptsGERKTMSchedl GP Racing
18Niklas Ajo21 ptsFINKTMRBA Racing Team
19Andrea Migno16 ptsITAKTMSKY Racing Team VR46
20Jorge Martin16 ptsESPMAHINDRAMapfre Aspar Team Moto3
21Hiroki Ono15 ptsJPNHONDALeopard Racing
22Livio Loi15 ptsBELHONDARW Racing GP
23Jules Danilo5 ptsFRAHONDAOngetta-Rivacold
24Juanfran Guevara4 ptsESPMAHINDRAMapfre Aspar Team Moto3
25Zulfahmi Khairuddin2 ptsSepangKTMSepang International Circuit
26Maria Herrera1 ptsESPHUSQVARNAHusqvarna Factory Laglisse
27Stefano Manzi1 ptsITAMAHINDRASan Carlo Team Italia
28Matteo Ferrari1 ptsITAMAHINDRASan Carlo Team Italia
29Alessandro Tonucci0 ptsITAMAHINDRAOutox Reset Drink Team
30Tatsuki Suzuki0 ptsCHIMAHINDRACIP
31Remy Gardner0 ptsAUSMAHINDRACIP
32Gabriel Rodrigo0 ptsESPKTMRBA Racing Team
33Darryn Binder0 ptsAFRMAHINDRAOutox Reset Drink Team
34Ana Carrasco0 ptsESPKTMRBA Racing Team