2015 BMW Motorrad Days | 15th Edition Recap, Photos & Video

2015 BMW Motorrad Days | 15th Edition Recap & Photos
Entrance to BMW Motorrad Days

2015 BMW Motorrad Days Recap, Photos & Video

The 15th edition of BMW Motorrad Days brought thousands of enthusiasts on all makes of BMW machinery to Garmisch-Partenkirchen July 3-5.

Temperatures at the 2015 BMW Motorrad Days were above 85 degrees (F), but this didn’t deter the fun from the more than 40,000 visitors. This year’s show in Garmish-Partenkirchen, which will host BMW Motorrad Days through 2018, was highlighted by events such as the Classic Boxer Sprint, a Chris Pfeiffer stunt show, the world’s oldest wall-ride show, the Motodrome, and of course test rides on BMW’s latest motorcycles.

Following is the official recap of 2015 BMW Motorrad Days, along with a photo gallery.

2015 BMW Motorrad Days Classic Boxer Sprint

Since the Classic Boxer Sprint could not be held in 2014 for logistical reasons, this year all fans were thrilled to enjoy the wonderfully individualized 2- and 4-valve classic boxer bikes as they raced each other in dragster style over the furlong distance (~200 meters). For those who couldn’t make it to the event there are great clips on the BMW Motorrad Youtube channel as well as on the Facebook page; on Instagram there is a best-of photo series.

2015 BMW Motorrad Days Chris Pfeiffer Stunt Show

Also taking part again: Chris Pfeiffer and his stunt show! After having to leave out the 2014 event due to injuries, no one was happier than Chris Pfeiffer himself to ride at the Hausberg mountain once again. Chris has now turned 45, but gets his BMW F 800 R dancing as if he were 20 and from a different planet.

2015 BMW Motorrad Days | 15th Edition Recap & Photos wall of death motodrome2015 BMW Motorrad Days Motodrome

The Motodrome is the oldest travel wall-ride show in the world and has established itself as one of the mainstays of the BMW Motorrad Days. In the daytime the hell-riders demonstrated their gravity-defying skills every hour and in the evening honest live rock was played on the stage of the Motodrome – an ideal setting for the superbly customised bikes shown in the Custom Area in front of the Motodrome.

2015 BMW Motorrad Days Test Rides and Celebrities

The test rides on the new BMW motorcycles, the tryout courses for motorcycle newbies without a license or the ride-aways into the countryside around Garmisch-Partenkirchen were fully booked in spite of the hot weather.

And of course the BMW racing riders signed autographs in the motorsports truck. This time Ayrton Badovini, Lance Isaac, Sabine Holbrook, Rico Penzkofer, Maria Costello, Valerie Thompson and Guy Martin attended. Isle of Man TT fan favorite Guy Martin even had his long mane cut off for the occasion. Probably it was simply too hot.

2015 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Tryouts

The large long-distance travel faction typical for BMW Motorrad not only saw great slide and movie presentations, but also the tryouts for the GS Trophy in the event area. Here candidates had to face tasks such as crossing a tree trunk at 33° C with a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure – good preparation for riding in the rain forest at the GS Trophy 2016.

2015 BMW Motorrad Days | 15th Edition Recap & Photos high mileage2015 BMW Motorrad Days – Search for Highest Mileage BMW

The search for the motorcycle with the highest mileage also met with great response with lots of bikes taking part. The winner was an R 1150 GS from 2001 with an unbelievable 419,261 km on the clock, followed by an R 1000 GS from 1988 with 370,000 km, an R 1200 GS Adventure from 2006 with 320,100 km and last but not least a K 1200 S with over 300,000 km.

2015 BMW Motorrad Days Social Media Lounge

This year BMW Motorrad focussed special attention on guests and those who had to stay at home being able to communicate their impressions of the BMW Motorrad Days as smoothly as possible. To this end BMW installed a Social Media Lounge above the new motorcycle exhibition. This offered smartphone safes with charger plugs, free WLAN, a Green Box where you could have your picture taken in Mission Impossible agent style on a S 1000 RR and there were drinks and air conditioning available.

Next year’s event is scheduled for July 1-3; for additional information, visit
bmw-motorrad.com/motorraddays and www.facebook.com/bmw.motorrad.

2015 BMW Motorrad Days Photo Gallery