Team Hero EBR done in WSBK
Team Hero EBR disbanded

In the wake of the bankruptcy of Erik Buell Racing, the World Superbike points scoring Team Hero EBR is done for 2015 on the international stage.

“This is a really hard pill for us all at Pegram Racing to swallow, as we always live by the philosophy of ‘never give up’” team owner and rider Larry Pegram said.

In addition to leaving Pegram Racing’s Larry Pegram without a World Superbike ride, Niccolo Canepa will also be left idle due to the ending of the Team Hero EBR program.

“Niccolò Canepa was riding like the champion he is, he was literally making peoples jaw drop at what he was doing with our motorcycle,” Pegram said. “I am so proud of the job he did.”

Pegram says that his Pegram Racing team is not done with racing, and indicates he will have something in the works for the remainder of 2015, even if it isn’t in World Superbike. “One thing for sure Pegram Racing will be back and it will be sooner than you think,” Pegram said. “Pegram Racing is dedicated to returning to racing very quickly and will announce our future plans very soon.”

Pegram also expressed his appreciation for the EBR employees who have lost their jobs in the bankruptcy. “We have worked closely with them and not only appreciate how amazing it was to have a true American Superbike to ride,” Pegram said, “but how intensely hard that small group of employees at EBR worked to build the EBR bikes, and also support our racing program and other racers. We are hoping they too will return soon. They deserve to continue.”