Despite Shutdown Team Hero EBR Will Continue, Pegram Says

Despite Shutdown, Team Hero EBR Will Continue, Pegram Says
Team Hero EBR's Larry Pegram
Despite Shutdown, Team Hero EBR Will Continue, Pegram Says
Team Hero EBR’s Larry Pegram

Following last week’s dire news that Wisconsin’s Erik Buell Racing will close shop, many questioned the future of Team Hero EBR – the first and only American-based motorcycle manufacturer in World Superbike.

Though EBR has filed for bankruptcy, the World Superbike program will go on, Team Manager and racer Larry Pegram said during Friday’s opening practices for round three of the series at the Assen TT Circuit.

“For Team Hero EBR, nothing has really changed. We are going to be racing this weekend and we plan to continue for the season. All indications are that we are going to be able to do that,” Pegram says. “There is obviously some restructuring and financial stuff going on in the USA, but we are over here in Assen and getting ready for a good weekend.”

Pegram says him and teammate Niccolo Canepa will complete 2015 with a two-bike squad: “We are confident that everything is okay; we have got some assurance with that and we are looking forward to the rest of the season.”

During the opening day of free practice, Pegram and his teammate finished 20th and 22nd, respectively, as they continue developing the 1190RX.

In other EBR racing news, Thrashed Bike Racing’s Max Flinders, who pilots the #888 EBR 1190RX in MotoAmerica’s Superstock class, says he will not participate in this weekend’s round in Road Atlanta. The reason is due to the “untimely” closing of EBR.

“We would like to thank the EBR family for the continuous help and support provided over the past years of competition. We wish the best to all the EBR employees at this sad time. Thrashed Bike Racing will return to racing at VIR with equipment yet to be determined,” FLinders says.

“Obviously I am very disappointed that it does not look like the team can continue with the EBR1190RX. I was proud to be racing the only US bike in the series. My thoughts go out to all the EBR employees that are out of work at this time. This is only a glitch for Thrashed Bike Racing as my awesome sponsors, CPL Systems, Arrow Aviation and Barbra Conner Jewelry are looking for alternative machinery for VIR and the rest of the season.”


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